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  1. Well there are foreign workers at other parks, Kings Island included. Just not as many as at Cedar Point. I think the thing is that there aren't as many local kids around CP available to work as there are around other parks.
  2. What big open area? The only open area is the former dig site, as chugh43 said. The trees that the link says are being removed are pretty randomly spread around and are likely for non construction reasons related to their health. Trees have been being removed around the park in that way for years. As for the 'construction' fence, it is the same design the park recently put up around part of The Racer, Firehawk's exit, and the path leading to the picnic grove. Therefore, not really a construction fence. The way I see it there is absolutely no construction for 2019 at the moment.
  3. If this happened in the past, I couldn't say. However, at least as of the 2017 season, this can not happen. Once a price rises, it stays that price or higher for the rest of the day. It cannot decrease.
  4. I'm confused. When you go to Drop Tower first thing in the morning do you have a green sheet (or as you call it a ride pass) with you? If so, then yes, they should be letting you through the exit. But if not, they are right in making you use the regular line. You must have a green sheet in order to use the alternate entrance (the exit).
  5. Starting this season they are now allowing unnatural hair colors as long as it is not neon or multicolored. So you should be good with a red. Just not neon red.
  6. He mentions in an update he'll be revealing the "exit plan" charity on Tuesday. Even with a good charity though, he's not getting me.
  7. Near the new wave pool on the side opposite Tropical Plunge.
  8. ^I believe 2017 was its first season.
  9. I don't know if Sledge Hammer was my singular favorite, but it's definitely up there with Shockwave and Skyhawk. All would make great additions at KI. Though, if I had to pick one I think I'd go with Skyhawk. I loved the interactivity of it and really want to try and beat my flip count of 35. I saw another guy get into the 60s.
  10. I've been on 4 of the B&M inverts. Banshee and Afterburn are the top for me, but I struggle to pick one over the other. The other two are Raptor and Talon. Raptor was great on my first ride, but has been meh ever since. Talon I only rode once, and I honestly can't remember the experience. Which is kinda sad considering it was only this past June, but oh well.
  11. This remains the current policy for tattoos and piercings. Facial hair is now allowed as long as it's well groomed.
  12. Wow, this is way cool. I'm jealous. I have a thing for anything related to the 1997 season as it was the 25th anniversary season and the year I was born. Once I realized that a few years ago, I went onto eBay and got myself a souvenir 25th anniversary Coke bottle and ornament (pictured below). I actually got really excited for a second when I first glimpsed this post as I thought you were selling them. I was ready to jump on it, but hey, I'm glad they're in safe hands rather than the trash.
  13. The sledding was open. There is no actual snow involved with it. It's just white turf. And no, there is no charge to slide. That is, however, a very common question I hear as an employee of the sledding hill. Hopefully others can better answer your other questions. Edit: Well upstop beat me. Hope your questions are all answered. Actually, one thing to add about the skating. I've heard it did sell out Friday night.
  14. Based on the description it seems that video is just an introduction to new videos, or vlogs as they call it.
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