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  1. Yes. More of a low arch. I was telling them that is was around there (we were eating at Chic Fil A at the time). Thanks, I have not totally lost it (yet). LOL
  2. I was talking with some friends about KI on Saturday. I know there used to be a covered walkway that they grew plants over, but I could not remember where it was. I have been looking through old maps and such, but not luck. I know there are some folks on here that know what I am talking about. Anyone recall where it was? Bonus points for a map of it and any pix. Thanks
  3. We did SDC and WoF last year. Did SDC from open until around 4 then drove up to KC. Hit WoF at open and had all of the coasters done by noon. Hit all coasters at both. SDC has the better lineup. WoF is not bad, but you can tell CF does not give it much love.
  4. Why not blame it on @King Ding Dong? He shuts down WindSeeker and Rivertown Coke Freestyle every time his car points South
  5. While to me, it not a Giga, I will being going with either Onion or GigO
  6. Any idea is this is still going on? I can find nothing on the main pages at KI and did not see any updates on the page I did find
  7. It takes up a decent portion of it, but there is still more land back there. For the sake of the train ride, I almost hope they do not add more. Makes a better train ride in my opiniom.
  8. We were there for Passholder day. If they are working on something, we did not see it (and on a side note - we are fine, no illness)
  9. Did you leave anything for the next person?
  10. Yeah, I saw the news. In light of this and going Platinum this year, I am debating whether we will continue of our streak of going every night to Haunt this year.
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