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Italian Job in the Enquirer Again

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You complain about horrible capacity but did you see the crew working this weekend? Everytime a train came through the billboard another train left the station, they are doing a fantastic job.

Thanks for the comment,

Its nice to know that someone notices how hard we are working.

Your welcome, I hate it when guests think they know how everything should run when something isnt going there way. The ride is brand new and the first of its kind and the IJST crew is doing a fantastic job of operating it. Yesterday Beast was closed down and I was out guest relating and some lady came up to me and demanded to speak to my manager and supervisor because according to her "whoever the f**k is running this s****y park is doing an awful job, and I want to see your darn mannager!'" I told her they were doing the best job they could and that she had no idea of the circumstances and that the park employees were doing there best. She still continued to argue and curse and scream at me untill I threatened to call security. Does this lady know how to run a park? No, not at all. Do 90% of the guests at KI know how to run the park? No. I dont know everything about the park but what I can say is that the powers that be in charge of the park are doing the best darn job they can to run the park and it is no easy task, so quit complaining.

Although the guest experience that you are talking about is definitely on the unnecessary side of the spectrum, I have no choice but to sypmathize with the position of a lot of the guests in the park. I don't think it's too much to ask a guest who more than likely, drove long and far to get to the park, paid a lot of money to get into the park, and is likely spending even more money inside the park to expect a certain degree of performance out of the park in exchange. I don't think it's too much to ask that nearly all of the rides be in safe working conditions, the employees look professional and act the same, and the general look and feel of the park to be above par.

Before you attack me for this, let me let you know that as a frequenter of the park, I really don't care what's running and what's not. I mean now that things are in full gear, I'd have to say that 50% of the reason I go to the park is to do work for PKIC, while 40% is to see the many employee-friends that I have made over the past few years, while only 10% is to ride the rides and enjoy the attractions. Of course, I am by far the exception rather than the rule.

On the other hand, do you want my stance on guests that lash out at employees? I don't see why PKI should have to do business with them. If a person really gets so worked up that they have to raise their voice or cuss at an employee, they really have no place at a family park.

I suppose when it comes down to it, there is a double-sided obligation. The park must realize that their patrons pay a lot of money to enjoy the rides and attractions and should keep them clean, safe, and in working order. At the same time, guests must realize that these things are mechanical, and mechanical things break from time to time, especially if it's new.

Aren't we all better people now?


First off you have every right to expect the rides to be in good working order, but you dont know every circumstance. Sunday night a lot of rides we're closed and opening back up, while I knew Beast was down, I cant tell anybody, sometimes things happen that are beyond human control, may times it has to do with the age of the ride or just a simple mistake, but what people need to understand is, is that the people working are doing all that they can to fix the rides. Maintenace and the managers work their asses off trying to get the rides back up, we lose money when the rides are closed, you take the risk of a ride not working right when you enter the park. You expect good service, and the employees give you the best they can under the circumstances. Most of the people we have problems with are ACER's and people from websites like this who think they know everything and like to make a big scene of things at the park (although pretty much everyone I've met from this site at the tours and at the park is extremely cool). As for Dan telling me to work on my guest relations, I dont think its my guest relating thats the problem its the guests who demand to be treated like gods. When that lady came and cursed me out, I was angry, but I didnt say anything bad to her, she doesnt have the right to treat me or any other employee like crap nor does anyone on this site or any guest. They want good guest relation and service, then they better act with some decency in the park. Ha, you tell me I need to work on my guest relations yet I get complimented by my sup's quite often on how I always tell guests to have a good day and how guests compliment on the service. Just cause your a guest doesnt give you the right to treat other people like crap, we treat you nicely, but you need to also have some regard and respect.

*note* Boddah, I wasnt attacking you, you we're right and what you said and I thank you for what you said. Also, thanks to everyone I've met at the park from PKIC for being nice and courteous guests.

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Well some people did pay extra money to be treated different, and according to PKI, they are treated different because they did pay.

Gold Passes had to be purchased before the end of May. They are actually cheaper than regular season passes (because of price increases after the start of the season).

The statement that people pay more for Gold Passes is incorrect. Gold Passes were being sold for $85 from AAA earlier in the year. Now, I just paid $110 for a season pass (regular) from PKI.com.

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Reclaimer said:

"really needs to grow the hell up. I seriously considered not getting a gold pass this year simply because of the ass holes that make up a large portion of that group. They think they are "special" and "god-given" members of the park or something?"


Well some people did pay extra money to be treated different, and according to PKI, they are treated different because they did pay.

Sorry for the late reply...I lost this thread for awhile. Oops.

To reply to the above quote:

I am one of those people who paid extra money. I also realize that things happen to where rides will be down...even if my "god-given" self walks through those front gates, I know there's a chance something will not be running that day.

People paid extra for "perks"...not the right for a big head simply because they have a piece of plastic with their picture on it. And finally, if these people cannot handle something being wrong at the park one day...they have their season pass. There's always next time! That's one of those "perks" I mentioned above...they can come back for free.

Like I said, I'm one of these gold pass holders. I'm not, however, one of the arrogant pricks who runs around the park thinking I own the place. I have respect for the park, the employees, and the management...and I make sure to convey that respect to the employees I see rather than yelling at them for something that is out of their control.

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And I wasn't knocking the IJ crew in anyway, in fact, I've been very very impressed with their efficiency. Even still, doesn't change the fact that the ride doesn't have that great of capacity.

The ride has the same capacity as Beast and that is one of the higher capacity rides at the park. Get over it!

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Considering, some important individuals at the park really like this Reservation system, it has a good possibility of staying. Overall, guest feedback as been very good with the exception of a few situations which the Enquirer was quick to write a story about. Ultimately, the system is working and people are guest are liking it.

FYI, for those of you concerned about tix running out early. With the exception of some very busy days, there have been tix avaliable until late in the day.

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