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Once again, this makes me suspect more and more that if winterfest is indeed coming, it will be mostly Christmas based. Looking back on the old winterfests it seems it is mostly... no... All themed on Christmas. I mean the tower was turned into a tree. I myself am not christian or catholic and this is my reason for posting this. Cincinnati is a very Christian community and I can live with that. It's just that it seems that everything else for other religons are left out.

         You wouldn't beleave the amount of people in Cincinnati that are Racist, You  also wouldn't beleave the amount of crap I get when people make comments to me because I'm not Christian. I really really want this winterfest to be a "fest" for all holidays. But just by watching the video on the front page it makes me think... It talks about this holiday season, But plays it in a Christmas tune. Many commercials during the holiday season do the same. They wish a happy holiday to all but are wearing a santa hat, Singing a Christmas song and have Christmas decoratons (which always makes me crack up laughing). Why can't they just play a winter sounding song? Or they can play that "chrismahanukwanzakah" song, lol. This is really all I am really saying... Please make this winterfest for all holidays.

I agree with what my friend here has said. Ever since I was in elementary school, I was teased for being Jewish. I happen to like my religion, and it kind of stinks when another religion is forced upon everyone. Sure, a good portion of Cincinnati is Christian, and a lot of people celebrate christmas, but this is unfair towards the minorities. This is why Gabriel and myself find this idea to be a little single-minded.

EDIT: I just read the last few posts, and I understand the whole idea of marketing towards the majority, but I'm still saying this is plainly unfair to those who are of a different religion, and yet loyal to the park.

I never said that McDonalds and Coke commercials were doing the right thing, by doing the same thing.

However, in the Jewish religion, Channukah is not a major holiday, it was just "American-ized", so that Jewish kids also get presents, and celebrate it to the same extent that their Christian friends do. I'm guessing (because I really don't know much about Christianity) that Christmas has the same importance to the Christian people as Passover or Yom Kippor means to the Jewish people.

Same goes hear. I know a lot of jews who work at Kings Island. This is a Christian world. When its Passover I dont eat at PKI. thas the only time i bring food in to the park. They always give me a hard time. YOU CAN BRING FOOD IN TO THE PARK.

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Deliriumdreamer, yes Christmas is one of the biggest holidays for the Christian religion along with Easter. The only problem is that Christmas has really just become some what of a joke with all the commercializing. Christmas is now simply one huge commercial holiday and very few people even know what Christmas celebrates any more it seems. (It celebrates the birth of Christ, although no one actually knows when he was born Christmas is just used to celebrate his birth, not necessarily they day he was born because no one knows.) Also I've always found it a little odd that Christians recieve massive amounts of gifts for someone elses birthday, but maybe that's just me.

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