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  1. Cannot contain my excitement, watching all the way from Dover, Delaware. Grew up in Hamilton and went to KI every summer. Sadly I had to grow up and joined the Air Force lol! This was my very first time following a decoding thread. I previously followed Banshee and MT construction. Anyways thanks to everyone who contributed and made this such s fun ride!
  2. It does seem to make sense at all those abbreviations have to be for states, missile silos locations in the US perhaps?
  3. You’re a true saint, thanks for checking anyways!
  4. As far as the sequence goes, this placemanet now makes sense.
  5. Maybe it was since they changed the name from Outer limits to now.
  6. Well look at Apple, for their next new iPhone 11( call it what you want) we know everything about that phone, no surprises about it. You can see for yourself but just like any big company( they release the new iPhones in September) they won’t move up the announcement date just because 1% of the guests that attend the park know exactly what’s getting announced. It would be cool but they are most likely set on a specific date.
  7. Dude you are straight trippin’, no such thing as Coriell’s. As much as I’d love for all that to be true.
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