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  1. Peanuts Worldwide have updated the designs of a lot of their mascots this year. Snoopy’s collar is made from a different material and the fur is noticeably different, softer. Marcie and Pigpen are new to KI (or at least were not present last season as far as I can tell) and have very cute portraits on the side of the Great Pumpkin coaster. KI seems to have nearly all of them on rotation in the Meet and Greet area. Nice amount of backgrounds and cutouts for photos. At different times on Saturday there were Charlie, Lucy, Linus, Patty, Marcie, Pigpen, Schroder, Franklin, Woodstock and Snoopy! I did not see Sally anytime but I could’ve easily missed it. It was pretty busy each time I went in. Next time I hope things are a bit slower in order to get some clearer pictures of everything.
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