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  1. ^must b a tradition

    im hopin that they will let the employees ride it b4 every1 else

    1 question though-r the actors from the movie going 2 be at media night here, or at PCW? or r they just going 2 stay at home and watch reality tv? dry.gif

  2. 2005

    -Italian Job: Stunt Track cool.gif

    -return of Nick Celebration Parade laugh.gif

    -Happy Days Diner smile.gif

    -possibly Winterfest and shortening FearFest (i heard they may be announcing something this summer) ohmy.gif


    -The new PKI hotel with indoor waterpark biggrin.gif

    -new campground laugh.gif

    -Mission: Impossible Stunt Show biggrin.gif

    -MTV: Shockwave biggrin.gif

    -another return to Nick Celebration Parade laugh.gif

    -maybe a new Tomb Raider walkthrough attraction huh.gif


    -Spongebob Squarepants family coaster tongue.gif

    OR ohmy.gif

    -Addams Family Reunion family coaster biggrin.gif

    -quite possibly a new area could open up smile.gif

    -some new massive coaster blink.gif

    -yet another Nick Celebration Parade journey laugh.gif

    That's my prediction for the next several years (obviously everything of 2005 minus Winterfest is already happening, along with the new hotel)


  3. we had sum real weird ideas that scared the sh*t out of a lot of people. i think our favorite ones were dana (the girl under the glass) shouting, have u seen my sister?! and the classic joke:

    -Hey! What did one casket say to the other casket?

    -Is that you coffin?

    a few of us (me and the tall man in black they call jack) were shouting out random cereal names, like cocoa puffs and fruity pebbles and cinnamon toast crunch.

    who here thought the vampire chicks in the bride room were hot?



  4. does ne1 know how long the queue line will be or what it will actually look like? im just wonderin b/c i xpect 2 c massive lines 4 the ride if theres a short line.

    2nd, is there a wall in front of the helicopter so that guests cant c the lifting arm?

    all in all, though, looks awesome. hopefully, ill b able 2 come to the construction tour 2morow. if not, i have eco training on saturday, so ill get a chance 2 c it no matter what.

    (HINT: bring an umbrella if u r training on sat!)


  5. Maze of Madness definitely. they were pumped up from day one, especially during makeup; they kinda creeped everyone out. not to mention they took at least an hour on makeup. dry.gif

    2 answer ur question, familyman, it depends on how long u have been workin there. usually they put u on maze monster duty for 8/hr starting pay to begin with. then for creepers i think its 9 or 10/hr. ohmy.gif

    ne1 remember the really tall mummy guard from last year? huh.gif


  6. Finally, someone decides to commend us for a good job we did at FF! god, working at Curse of the Crypt was hard because it was EXTREMELY dark like Ben put it. we started out with around 25 people. by the end of FF, we were down to nine people workin the maze.

    for those of u who wanted 2 know who i was, i was the mummy with the glasses in the room with the giant altar.


  7. Paramount is just trying to Hollywood-ify their parks, including KI, to compete with, maybe, Universal. at least thats what i was thinking.

    did anyone remember the online survey a while back where they asked about new ride ideas? kinda strange how they were all based off of paramount movies and nick...

  8. depends on what job u get and how old u are. i did ecology last year at 15 and only got 6.50/hr. it bumps up though to 8/hr once u turn 16. u ken also get 10/hr 4 restrooming (the pay is worth it).

  9. how do they plan to do the explosions for the helicopter scene? is it just smoke effects like TR:TR or do they plan to have actual fire on the ride? kind of sounds weird to have fire on a family coaster.

    also heard that employees may get to test ride IJ:ST before it actually opens to the public.

  10. If anyone took that online survey about the ride concepts at all, 2006 will be the year that PKI gets Hollywood-ified as they call it. I can see either another Nick Central expansion, or maybe a combination of that and either the Mission:Impossible Stunt Show or MTV Shockwave.

    Either 2007 or 2008 will be the year that we get another BIG ride that everyone's predicting.

    2005 can probably also see a return of Winterfest. And will we see a new motion simulator next to SpongeBob that's actually GOOD, or is it just going to e SpongeBob again?

    Personally, I want to see the return of 7th Portal. Who's with me?! jerry.gif

    (sadly, no one raises their hands.)

  11. I would love to see a Winterfest, but familyman is right-they have to be realistic and not slack off, especially with FearFest. What they should try to do is begin building FearFest at a much earlier date; beginning in September is a bad idea, and that was the case with Sleepy Hollow. Had they started in like mid-August, this little problem could've been avoided. But, all-in-all, I would at least like to see the mazes get re-decorated to make them look better, and maybe get some more "colorful" looking street and maze monsters.

    If winterfest does occur, I would love to see what they plan to do in terms of theming. One question though-does this mean we might see PKI open all year round??? DUM DUM DUM! laugh.gif

  12. Well, I don't think that PKI gets a new kiddie ride every year. They may get one every other year. Because starting in 2000, they began adding a thrill ride one year, and a family attraction the next year. The only exception being last year, when they did the Boomerang Bay expansion. I think that classifies more of a family attraction.

    2005 is the year of IJ:ST, which is more of a thrill ride than a family coaster, so 2006 will probably be the year that they either expand Nick Central, or go with their "Hollywood-ifying" and begin adding in more movie-based rides, with that Mission: Impossible Stunt Show or the MTV Shockwave or something that would appeal to everyone.

  13. The weirdest thing with Sleepy Hollow though, was the fact that they finished the entire maze in less than 2 days. No joke. Supposedly, they had bought supplies down in Florida at the same time the hurricane struck, bad idea. So, the entire crew of Sleepy Hollow was just stuck walking around the park visiting all the mazes during rehearsals. But for what little time they had to work with, they managed to pull off a beautiful maze, which probably saved FearFest from being total crap this year.

  14. Honestly, I want everyone's opinion on this: all I want to know is how bad FearFest was this year. If you all want to know who I was, I was the mummy with the glasses on yelling out coconuts (don't ask how that came about). stupid.gif

  15. is it just me or is paramount beginning to become power and money-hungry? already, they tore down antiques and eagles to put up a coaster that might not even do so well. that and the fact that they're stripping pki of all their glory and fame, just 2 turn it into a crappy park just like all the other paramount parks. Remember back in 2000 when FearFest debuted, and it was actually GOOD? Now look at fearfest; its got the same boring crap as all the other parks, and they dont even spend the money they should as something that takes "so much money u wouldnt believe it", as Dane beautifully put it. censored.gif

  16. What we really need to do are two things. 1) Re-build all the past attractions of FearFest and 2) Build all-new mazes. I was an actor in Curse of the Crypt this past FearFest, and the maze was butt-ugly (i was the mummy with glasses on, for those of you who really want to know). But everyone else is right-we seriously need a werewolf maze in WWC. We also need a Curse of the Spider-type maze to really scare the s*%t out of people. Maybe that could be the front for a new Crypt. stupid.gif

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