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  1. Those photo don't show the mounds of bird crap or the cops raiding the place for illegals on a weekly basis. trust me I have been in them and know people who lived there It is a nightmere.
  2. Sorry Ryan I am going to call BullS*hit They put em up in Woodbridge on the lake. I lived next to that complex for 3 years. They have been "remodeled" more times than I can count. They have also burnt to the ground a few times. They are DUMPS. Not to mention the drug dealing that goes down in the parking lot or the fact that the fire department is there atleast 3-4 times a week cause the fire alarm "malfunctions". When we moved out of the complex next door they had to have patrol the complex with a mounted patrol because of how much crime there is. There had been 4 rapes and a like 20 shootings. It hasn't gotten better. Its called "the Ghetto of West Chester" for a reason. Here's what people have to say about the place http://www.apartmentratings.com/rate/OH-We...n-the-Lake.html oh and 1200 is laughable. Rent was only 450 for a 3br. The 1 broken PC in the "business center" does not make for internets. Kings Island does treat most of there seasonals like crap. Yeah its "great" money at 16 but ya know working a double for 8 days then having 1 day off is awful fun. Min wage ain't great money. Getting in touch with HR is a joke so its not that far off. When you "lose" a application that in a database that's really funny. Were busy but leave a message and we can get back to ya.Kings Island pulls the same crap on the local kids. Advertise how fun it is and the "perks" These kids sound like they are coming from universities to learn skills to help there careers but instead are given pretty much nothing and told to go get another 10,000 gallon drum of skyline. At least Disney tries to put you in a position to learn something. 2nd METRO DOESN'T RUN IN WEST CHESTER. They have a park and ride on Tylersville and that's it. You can see a grand total of a Wal-mart a shell gas station a speedway and a Wendy's. Your right next to I-75 and there is no sidewalks. No wonder they can't go anywhere. As for the cabs its around $2.00 Per mile per person in some cases plus any other fees they come up with. As for firing them. Yes firing whistle blowers isn't a smart move and can be the cause of pesky pesky investigations. I am sure the park will find another reason to have them "quit on their own" by doing what all managers in low wage crap jobs do cut your hours. If they only work 5hrs a week they can't afford to live on that. That's manager tatic 101. As for getting in touch with the I-team. Perhaps someone called on their behalf? Or hey maybe they happened by a TV with it on. Still the park is in the wrong here and could set an example of how to do a international program well. Don didn't seem to handle this well either. It seemed that when its not a fluff story for the park its total shock to the PR and marketing department. Theres no good way to spin this for them. We got em a bus and some of those free reds tickets that get showered onto the park. Oh wait its July summers almost half over for most of these kids. This group is pretty much going to hate the rest of there time even if the park makes good on this they are still going to feel jipped. I know I would if I spent 3000k to come here and get stuck where they did.
  3. Having worked a Pride Night in 2001 everyone was very nice and had a great time. I have no qualms about KI having a day. People shouldn't have to hide because they are attracted to the same gender. We need to move on from such petty things and rumor smasher congrats for being open about it and not making a huge mistake.
  4. Funny too that CBS is Viacom and a NEW Viacom was formed when they split and the OLD Viacom became CBS. So it was the same handlers just different hands.
  5. Actually Six Flags took the former X-flight. CF had nothing to do with it.
  6. Funny enough i'll ride anything but I will never bother with Skyflyer again. Its boring after the 10th or 11th time.
  7. Last year it was about once every other week. Of course im a 100 miles further away.
  8. Heres the thing he can be as optomistic as he wants but I know i am cutting my trips back to maybe 5. Gas is wayy to high to make the drive from columbus.
  9. Doubt its gonna hurt that much. even on the busiest days TT never had a line. That back area of the park could stand to be remodeled. SFKK would benifit by being water park only cause the water park is ALWAYS packed.
  10. Clerks should be required viewing as well as Clerks 2 and office space. But it is true the customer is always wrong you just let them think they are right so t hey don't complain to your boss. I do IT support for a living now and the phrase is "The customer is brain dead" and if they utter the phrase " I know computers" your in for an especially long call.
  11. I stopped eating Arby's after working there not because it was nasty but because when you smell the stuff all day every day it loses its taste. Arbys always reminded me of the movie "Clerks" cause we had a lot of different characters come in over the 2 years I spent there. Not only customers but employee's
  12. Actually there are days flash passes are great deals.
  13. 3 more years and she will do a playboy issue just to get away from her "little girl image"
  14. Actually I think it would cut the crap down more if they had a few big bruisers in a black t-shirt that look like bouncers. I've seen security be laughed at by groups of kids when they get caught. A few big burly people would make trouble makers think twice. As for lunch there has been MANY times I brought a PB&J with me. I go get a cup of water and go eat. Security has seen me and just commented that it had to be better than what the park serves.
  15. Its funny that SIX flags offers the service and everyone complains that they try to nickel and dime you. They are starting to look better and better. Free Wi-fi at SFMM. Free Cell phone charging. Free merch holding service. I think some of those things can really help from a customer service perspective.
  16. They may have been trying but why change something when you don't have too.
  17. Its not news worthy though its still fluff. Only thing they did was try to link it to the SFKK thing
  18. Some how though I think any relatives are long dead them selfs and thus why they cant find a next of kin to have them removed.
  19. This is what we call a "fluff" story. Its not news worthy but hey it will fill some time.
  20. I am saddened to hear that you had a bad day at the park. Sometimes Things can get off to a bumpy start. With the seatbelt situation I have made the walk of shame many times myself. Cedar Fair tends to err on the side of caution when making requirements for seatbelts. In our sue happy society this has to happen. Nothing made me madder than trying to ride Vortex last year and being denied. I was mad but it is now a goal to be able to ride it when i make it down later this year. The weather is going to be nice the next few days. Walk with her and try to help her. 10 turns into 15 and so on rather quickly if you have help. As for the food. Everything has gone up these days and there is only so much cost they can eat while still trying to make money. Yeah I know the markup on crap is bad but hey you gotta make money somehow!
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