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  1. For BD at this point wouldn't it be better to just build a new ride? The wood has to have started to rot.
  2. Whats more shocking is bacon was $.65 a pound!
  3. I went back in 06 for their Haloween event. Phantoms Revenge on a cool fall night isnt to be missed!
  4. Unless thats changed in the past couple of years. The bars on Tornado aren't ratcheting
  5. Yeah I will be down for a bout a week. Doctor advised no coasters for a couple of months.. stupid back injuries
  6. Sadly Rakishi ran me over Monday morning for the Rock before I could go to Raw. After a Legit ambulance ride and hospital stay. I can safely say no Raw or no KI..
  7. Not bad. But Watch your finger on the photo's
  8. RD its great to hear from you. This also reminds me to check Wrestlecrap out again I keep forgetting about it... Instead of KI I chose RAW on monday.. Lets see if its a poor choice
  9. So two sets of trains for Racer. Those PTC's can go burn anyways. The new ones are roomier.
  10. Its been gone for about 15 years.
  11. and the $$ they get from P&G will makeup for the loss of the passes.
  12. Its never really been enforced unless your on rides.
  13. Sad but not unexpected. Once you kicked the tires a bit more they had to realize this was bad idea and to get out before the sank them. KK was a craphole when it was open. I didn't have any expectation it was maintained afterwords
  14. and its dead! http://bluegrassboardwalk.com/bluegrass-boardwalk-withdraws-from-project-3/
  15. Just about every store in Santa Claus has discount tickets
  16. Take my money and build somewhere else and not deal with the fair board.
  17. Dude...really get over it... Its a retheme... You don't have that big of stick up your rear end when Waterworks became Boomerang Bay.. It happens. Name's change..
  18. The Bengals back in to the playoffs and they are suddenly winners? Really? Yes actually... a wins a win..
  19. .Ryan I never figured I'd be the most normal of the bunch..
  20. Most of those look like they were filmed at KI. You can even see the KI logo on the blimp.
  21. I think the HW folks know what they are doing. You can run both parks and have them appeal to two demographics. The KY park being the thrill park and HW being the traditional park. They can price the KY park right too and keep out the trouble. The SF days it was the cheapest park in the chain for a pass. I could get a pass and did so for many years for less than admission to KI. Price the pass higher and offer visits to Holiday World too and you can get the families and keep out trouble. The markets are close enough to be mutually beneficial.
  22. Couple thousand times between 2001-2007. i'd power ride the thing alot Broke a vertibre on my back on it and kept riding
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