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  1. I know exactly what KI is getting next year. Ive been told by a SFKK rep that some people from Cedar Fair were looking to get a "water" coaster for BB, the same as the Deluge that SFKK has got at their waterpark. Seems logical since they are fixing up BB. That would be cool to have and maybe they will make it bigger and longer.
  2. Back then i rode it when i was 8 and then 9 and i remenber that it was really high. i thought maybe a 100 feet but now im wondering if that not right.
  3. I was always wondering....How high was you up in the flumes above the ground and what was the drop height????
  4. I heard about KIC last year and had to come be with the rest of the KI goers.
  5. Id have to say the first time i went to KI was with about 15 of my family members. Im thinking it was 1987 cause Vortex was only about five months old. I was scared of it, King Cobra and Screaming Demon. I was tricked onto The Beast and i thought id never let my uncle live it down but man what a ride it was then. As far as the rest, Rivertown had to be the best part of the park back then cause i loved the wild west theme. I remenber when the water was underneath the queue in The Beastline. The log rides were awesome and i really miss when they had actors on the train ride. Im not sure if WWC was biult then and i cant remenber when it opened. I loved Hanna Barbera land and The Beastie was my fav. Oh and having to go under those "Ivy" covered tunnels was neat. But all in all the one thing i dont miss back then was those long,long,long lines. Man I remenber only being able to maybe ride six rides in a day cause ive seen the queues of Racer back then be all the way full plus a line stretching halfway down Coney Mall. the only regrets i have are not being able to ride Flight Commander, Skylab, and Screamin Demon before they were taken out. It was as fun now as it was back then, except now im able to ride as many rides as i want and sometimes twice. P>S> Oh forgot about those "bubblegum trees". LOL
  6. just so you know thrill biscuit-Hard Rock park does plan on having a ride called "Crazy Train". It will be their 1st "Woodie". Of what porportion is left to be seen.
  7. but if its coming from Vekoma-its gotta be good!
  8. If its in the high 20s id doubt anybody would wnat that because the park wouldnt be able to buy anything else for a while.
  9. Sounds cool but whats the price tag for something like that???? got to be very expensive if its going to imploy robotic euipment.
  10. your right Dvo-i think Riddlers Revenge is the best because it was the last one biult of that design. they made it better in hence is the reason its the best around. i like the way they put eveything to everything-the lift hill going through the first loop, the riddler theme, more curved. Yeah im jealous that chang isnt like it, but since i live here near the east coast than about 2300 miles way, ill take my coaster with a grain of salt and love it.
  11. Ive always been a firm believer in three things--One: dont take out or tear down a ride and then scrap it and never have anybody see it again--if its worth selling to another park then do it. There have been many rides that would have benefited going somewhere else instead of the dump. Two: Never get the same "exact" ride another park has. make it your own--if you do get one make it different than anybody else's. naming it something else doesnt work. Yeah people may love that a ride they see another park is coming to their park.but if you add or do something different to it to make it better, that will excite people to come see it "bette". three: If you do buy a brand new ride that nobody has ever seen or rode. make sure it something that is worth it. yeah putting a ride in Rivertown is cool.but make it so darn awesome that people will want to go there first. have people leave the parki telling their friends how awesome it is so they will come back.
  12. your right. we may never see another stand up B&M---now and inverted B&M--possibly floorless with the same track design. Maybe. Id like to see a floorless at KI, but if they are going to do just that--GO BIG. dont pansy out and make it simple. Make it something nobody else has or has ever thought of before.
  13. Iron wolf and Mantis, yes are similar-but as i said have different styles that are uqiue to them. Iron wolf is compact- not spread out. Mantis you can walk under. now all are good rides-to tell you the truth it wouldnt matter which type they get even though they are are similar.Chang yes has one more inversion but Mantis has a taller inclined loop i believe. But im sure that B&M will find something different to bring to the table if they decide to build another one making it the best all around.
  14. Now my home park-SFKK has some good rides but it will never equal KI in any form. I dont care what it does. King Cobra to me when i was growing up had to be the best ride KI had. yeah hold on Vortex and Beast were great, but to stand up.....awwww nothing like it.and when it was taken out, i cried. then my park got Chang....thank god almighty! my prayers were answered. Now if KI got one, that would be awesome and hopefully some of you on here have rode Chang and im here to tell you it would be good to have one there.
  15. from what i gathered, Sixflags is kinda leary about Hard rock park in Mrytle beach. Why i dont know. hell there are only going to be about five big rides anyway to intice you to go there. and dont get me wrong Led Zeppelin looks as is it will be a hell of a ride but there are others that juct out into water-so you tell me will it be that good???
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