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  1. Personally, I would welcome a DC retheme of Action Zone if it's done with intention. Like Kenban said above, the DC IP is good -- it's how the IP is implemented across the SIX parks that's lackluster.

    Examples exist for how the DC IP could be integrated successfully with an Action Zone retheme. A couple that immediately come to mind are Joker: Carnival of Chaos at SFFT, The Dark Knight Coaster at SFGAm, and -- while not a Six Flags park -- Batman Gotham City Escape at Parque Warner Madrid.

    Joker: Carnival of Chaos at SFFT has an impressive, immersive queue experience, on par with something that could be found at Marvel Super Hero Island at Islands of Adventure:

    I like how SFGAm has upped the ante on the typical Wild Mouse with theming and storyline on The Dark Knight Coaster:

    Finally, Parque Warner Madrid has done a pretty incredible job of integrating theming and thrills with their new for '23 coaster Batman Gotham City Escape (the merger also gives me the slightest glimmer of hope that CF and Intamin will work together again :rolleyes:):

    Some new additions outside of DC show that SIX is capable of doing theming with intention. Dr. Diabolical's Cliffhanger (again at SFFT) is a great example of this:

    All of this being said, I, too, would only want DC rides and theming to be concentrated in one specific area. However, if done with intention, I think there are some exciting possibilities for a facelift for Action Zone.

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  2. Two part question related to 2024 passes:

    I'll be at the park later this month and am thinking about upgrading my single-day admission to a 2024 Gold Pass. If I do this, I will also go ahead and add the All-Park Passport.

    1. Will I be able to upgrade my single day ticket to a Gold Pass that's good for the remainder of 2023 + all of 2024? I know upgrading a single day ticket to a regular Gold Pass is possible, but wasn't sure how this works for 2024 passes.
    2. If I am able to upgrade my single day ticket to the pass above, will the All-Park Passport also work for the remainder of 2023 + all of 2024? I'm eyeing a potential trip to Knott's in November, but it's only realistic if I'm able to use the All-Park Passport for this.

    Wasn't able to find any information related to this on the website, so happy to save these questions for my visit next month if need be :)

  3. Maybe it's just me, but I find the way PKI hyped the ride almost as interesting and unique as the ride itself.

    Not only was Tomb Raider known for being one of the best dark rides ever, but the case study behind the marketing of the ride is just incredible. If any of you ever wonder why Jeff Siebert is held in such high esteem, this ride is just one of the many reasons why.

    One of my favorite all-time forum topics is from over at CoasterBuzz, and really gives a great look at how spectacular this marketing scheme was. It's really worth a read if you have a few minutes, and you'll see a few familiar names too: http://coasterbuzz.com/Forums/Topic/tomb-raider-the-ride---proof-of-giant-top-spin

    I really hope Kings Island can look at this marketing scheme for possible future attractions, because it remains one of my favorite case studies. I'm even doing a college essay over it! :)

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  4. Like shark said, it's important to note that Blackfish is put together very well, and is a captivating documentary. However, especially with news outlets with as much clout as the New York Times, you would think the reviewer would take the time to investigate the other side of the story as well.

    SeaWorld does need to take some of the blame though, or at least the PR team. While the facts in the documentary may not be accurate, SeaWorld and 42West (the PR agency SeaWorld hired) did a terrible job of presenting their information, and made it far too easy for the film makers to respond.

    What does SeaWorld do in response? They haven't completely accepted the fact that their awful financial situation is due in part to Blackfish.

    What do they need to do? I believe SeaWorld is stepping in the right direction with expanding its tanks, but a 2018 completion date may be too little too late. I think that, if possible, SeaWorld needs to move up that completion date.

    I also believe that SeaWorld needs to take responsibility for Blackfish, and show their publics what they are doing in order to make the orcas lives better. While the larger environments are a good step, a news release is not going to be picked up by the mainstream media (and more importantly, read by Blackfish supporters) unless Blackfish is brought up. Essentially SeaWorld needs to say "We've heard your voices, now here's how we're trying to help."

    I also believe SeaWorld needs to center its focus on the many many things the park does for marine life, including its animal rescues, efforts in the BP oil spill, etc.

    I could go on and on... :)

    Also, this Rick Munarriz article is a great read from a PR standpoint of what SeaWorld should do


    And another interesting article from the Washington Post, but this is a different conversation for a different time


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  5. (6/27/13) While our last source seemed fairly certain the new Kings Island coaster would be a Wing design, all the latest rumors come back to what I was thinking I would build if I ran the park a world record breaking B&M Inverted coaster. Sorry THE-BEAST

    Screamscape would report that it would be a Mr Hankey themed coaster with big turds as the trains if someone emailed Lance and told him that. Howdy Ho!

    Did someone say a Mr. Hanke themed coaster?

    I'm in luck!!

  6. I'm literally laughing at the people who said HTCO owes them something. Honestly, even if he did say to go go visit the park... illegally... after midnight... who in their right mind would do it? All he did was post that there was something to see and that someone with a camera should visit asap.

    This entire website needs a


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  7. The past 20 pages in this thread remind me of the AIM chat the night before the DB announcement because the countdown clock reached 0 at like 2 am and then nothing happened lol

    Some of y'all need to step away from the board and go breathe and take a nap, or something to calm you down.

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  8. The “Our goal is to be the most affordable theme park in the region.” part made me laugh. They don't exactly have a choice in my eyes to be a cheaper alternative to either KI or HW, as the park is already on its last legs.

    Can you imagine if the park was more expensive than KI or HW? That would certainly make a rocky road ahead even tougher.

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  9. I'm 13 and I don't post stuff like that now. (I did in the past though.)

    You've also been a member for over a year and have learned how to post correctly.

    This is what annoys me about KIC is that as soon as a newbie posts something a little outrageous everyone pounces on them claiming "SOURCE SOURCE SOURCE" when we all know they don't have one. Seriously guys, give them some slack. I guarantee 95% of the posters on here went through a phase where they posted ridiculous things (myself definitely included) but those posters turned out to be some of the most valued people in the community.

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  10. It's 25 bucks for a park that has less attractions than Indiana Beach (and Indiana Beach is the same price). If I were you I would just do the individual attraction price and ride Swamp Fox.

    It's too bad you couldn't have gone to Myrtle Beach about 6 years ago. There was a much larger park with a much wider variety of things to do just down the street.

  11. Are you telling us Diamondback wasnt well thought out?

    In terms of where it was placed, yes. Diamondback ruined one of the most beautiful areas of the park with the removal of Swan Lake. Is it a fun ride? There's no question, it's one of the most fun in the park, but it along with other factors (I'm looking at you, big white box) was very detrimental to the feel of the Rivertown area.

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