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    <br /><br />Hockey, music, ect. Speaking of music, I own the message board of indie rock band The National -- who are currently opening for The Arcade Fire. Check out the link to the forum in the "website URL" section of my profile. On the hockey part, the Cincinnati Cyclones are my past time.

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  1. It couldn't have came at a better time, they finally won last night and now hold a record of 1-4. I am a big Cyclones fans so have known about the Jungle Kats playing at USBA. I was wondering what attendance was last night with the CJ bobbleheads.
  2. Not until the early nineties did I first go, KIC through PKIUnlimited.com ... I had my posts transfered over when KIC took over. Hence why I've been registered here since November of 04.
  3. Jars of Clay has been one of my favorite bands since their debut-album in the mid-nineties ... however they haven't came back to KI since like 2001. I guess they have just dropped off of the Christian festival radar even though they played Carowins. Out of the list now David Crowder Band would be worth seeing, but I doubt I'll go to it. DCB will be at Bogart's later as well.
  4. Uly is usually a good month to go. Not many crowds in Uly. Also, your signature reminded me, Back To The Furture is a great movie.
  5. I went today also, for four hours. Left early due to the 96 degree heat. As expected on a Tuesday, not much of a crowd. The Monster was down the whole time.
  6. Food prices aren't dragging the whole attendance or park down, even though they are and have been rediculously high for a long time. It's a tired topic, really, and it's never going to get better.
  7. To keep the spirt of old PKI drinking cups/shot glasses/mugs mentioned above, there is now an Outer Limits shotglass auction going on: http://cgi.ebay.com/Paramounts-Kings-Islan...1QQcmdZViewItem
  8. I also haven't posted in a long while ... but looks like the whole gang's back for this thread.
  9. Basically. You're only going to be able to find that kind of merchandise in a rare eBay auction.
  10. That "X logo" at the end isn't a logo, it is the Nickelodeon time capsule that was buried in the ground at Nickelodeon Studios in 1992. This was shown on live TV. It is supposedly going to be opened in 2042 (50 years later.) In the capsule is "things that were important to kids in 1992 as a gift to kids of the future."
  11. That IS a cool pennat though, Dastardly and Muttley under the Tower with the old-school logo. Poor Hannah-Barbera.
  12. Two show's I've never heard of being called "Classic." Hmmm, how the term classic must have fallen. Uh, here's a question. How do you know it has been "torn down?" Did you see it from a news article or something? I had heard in recent years that they stopped doing the tours and it wasn't upket because they didn't film any live-action shows there, and the slime geyser was removed years ago.
  13. From what I always heard, these last couple of years the studios have been in bad shape. They stopped tours some time ago, and it wasn't well upkept. Probably because they had no use for it anymore. Their main focus now is the Nicktoons, not all the classic live action shows that were taped at the Studios. Sad news. What will happen to the time capsule?
  14. The last time I checked the perimeter around the base divided by 3.14 multiplied by the areas around Action Zone, add that to the square feet of River Town and then divide by the circumfrance of the extra land to find the equation for 3945.42, find the volume of that multiplied by the square foot of Action Theater so that gives you 3.342.242, then you'll need to subtract parking lot square foot and divide 92.13 and get the equation multiplied by 10,636.
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