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  1. Looks like the new program is already paying for itself. lol guess so. they should put all that change in a jar and use it to buy new props for to theme the ride with...
  2. its great..but of course, one person didnt listen and lost all of their change on the ride lol...those coins sure did bounce high off the ground..lol
  3. What about Bavarian Beetle???? Sorry I just had to add that Sure!!!I'll put it on their! sounds great to me..lol too bad we know it wont happen I wish I was Timmy.Then i'd just wish for it! LMAO!!!! THERE WE GO!!!! WE NEED TO FIND HIM SO IT WILL COME TRUE...WE SHOULDNT HAVE A HARD TIME TO LOOK EITHER!!!!! lol
  4. What about Bavarian Beetle???? Sorry I just had to add that Sure!!!I'll put it on their! sounds great to me..lol too bad we know it wont happen
  5. still a good ride though lol
  6. so did i for a second lol..dont feel too bad i was about to ask the exact same question
  7. That would be amazing. Its not too out of the question. I mean they are trying to restore classic KI with the backwards racer running forwards again. So what not a better way to restore classic KI than give it its own section of the park! that is true...that would be awesome!! but of course that all wont be done by next year but hey, THEY COULD ADD TO IT EVERY YEAR!! lol.
  8. lol that would be awesome...then light it up at night Yeah that would be cool,riding SOB and just seeing a huge thing saying Phantom Theater,bright enough to blind you if you stare at it!! LOL i could see that...riding SOB and seeing that light, then while riding it the light gets brighter and brighter..then someone jokingly says "BUT I DONT WANT TO GO TOWARDS THE LIGHT!" lol..
  9. lol that would be awesome...then light it up at night
  10. i noticed that also today..maybe its part of the construction along with the old lake...even though i highly doubt it
  11. oooh now THAT would be nice...and possibly use strobe light through one of the flips..
  12. I thought so too, and I also don't like how you can see the black metal stands holding up the demon-looking things in this picture. I can't wait to see it in person and am to see they made an effort to retheme it, but the new theming does look lower quality and out of place (seems more suitable for a haunted house),but I'll wait to check it out in person before I give a final judgement. That being said, I can't wait to try the new program and the continuing construction of the 2009 attraction has got me very excited! Nice pictures! actually i rode it today and didnt even see those bars...but i also only glanced at them. the theme sucks but the ride is great. its more intense and jars u like once or twice but i think it moves faster and is more exciting
  13. I KNOW! I REMEMBER THAT TOO!! i think i remember a part of it geing like a star trek skit..i think. but dont completely take my word for it i was only around the age of like 4 or 5 lol. only 14 or 15 years ago. but i think its neat too. i cant wait to see the new one this year.
  14. well i rode it today and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!! i thought it was a whole lot better than TRTR. what i do remember is that it takes you up the backside unlike TRTR did. then when u get all the way up to the top, it flies you into a backflip. it does backflips and front flips back to back. it does it about six or seven times! all the theming inside the actual ride is the same but they dont use any of it. but hopefully later on this season or possibly next season, they will have some theming in there that interacts with the ride. they only have two rows of seats now and that stupid dragon creature thing right before you get onto the ride was annoying. it looked neat but all you heard was it growling and saw his unaligned jaw move up and down along with his head going side to side. so no real preshow. but it was great! and i do agree...this is our new for 2008. this program is a whole lot better in my opinion
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