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  1. Ugh. It's like the great depression although instead of the market plunging within a mater of 2 hours, it happens in 12 years.
  2. I think the Crypt is fine as is and should be left alone.
  3. I am soo glad CF bought the park, thank god we didn't have 5 more years of Paramount. It really ain't CF's fault, SF was the one who overloaded the park.
  4. I thought it only cost $10 to get in BGA..¿

  5. ^Give it up, InBev! Why is InBev continuing to persue A-B?
  6. http://www.screamscape.com/html/busch_gardens_africa.htm (Scroll down to 6/6/08) You can buy a quick que pass and you get to go strait to the ride on certain rides.
  7. ^well unfortunately I am not a Florida Resident ( ), so we would if we went, have to pay full admission. I heard about the Busch Gardens Flash Pass. Yes or No?
  8. ^Yea really all that treking around the park and eating the Theme park food, not to mention that I bet all the adrenlane rush burns at least SOME calories!
  9. The fact that we've spent thousands upon thousands of dollars already, and the fact it's 2 hours away, My parents aren't to enthusiastic.
  10. Hi all! First off, thank you for all the tips for Cedar Point, I had a blast and you can read my PTR here. Now, since June 28 I have been residing in Cocoa Beach Florida. And any coaster freak can not overlook the quantity and quality of any Florida park, but only a more experienced enthusiast would know that Busch Gardens Africa is the best. So far, though, our family has spent thousands of dollars, so When I brought up BGA they were not satisfied, so please bear in mind this trip is a HUGE MAYBE. I MAY be taking a trip to BGA, and if so It will be for One Day This Wednesday. Are there any tips, suggestions, or tid-bits of advice? Anything would be helpful. Have a nice day, Coasterkidman
  11. I can't go to BGA because it's too expensive and my parents are @$$ holes like that.

  12. Your in Florida? Go to BGA! And i might update tonight.

  13. any HPT updates soon?

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