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  1. A new chant has been established for Viking Fury.
  2. Hopefully brown to go with the Camp Snoopy theme. Anything else would just be pure garbage.
  3. My Chicken fingers and mac and cheese lunch today at Coney BBQ. I sure hope the portion sizes go back up soon. This is more kids meal sized.
  4. While riding CBRRLG, I saw the queue will be fully covered for Snoopy's Soap Box Racers. A different view.
  5. Total money shot right here guys. Two for one. Cool part, I didn't even try.
  6. Fixed it, but yep. No need to report this post. It's going to get trashy real quick. New Camp Snoopy trash cans.
  7. Some of the interactive playground items that will be in Beagle Scout Acres.
  8. Was not open earlier, but it is now.
  9. The Beast currently has a full queue and extends out into the Midway. All of the switchbacks are open in the station as well.
  10. Waiting in line to get a drink. Some teenagers behind me were talking about the Platinum Pass. They got rid of the Platinum pass and now it's just the F'ing prestige pass which gets you into every Park including six flags parks. It also get you a drink plan and a meal plan that cost $1,100. In a separate conversation. Walking down the path of Rivertown a mom points up at Diamondback and says this is nothing compared to Orion.
  11. The New in 2024 page has been updated along with 124 (as of this post) construction photos. https://kicentral.com/camp-snoopy/
  12. If you happen to be missing your white slide-on sandal. It's on the north side of the Eiffel Tower on the ground. Haven't seen anyone hopping around on one sandal yet.
  13. New Coke Freestyle Stand coming to Action Zone. https://kicentral.com/forums/topic/48224-new-coke-freestyle-stand-coming-to-action-zone/
  14. Discussions have been going around on KICentral about this new slab of concrete as you enter Action Zone since opening day. Ideas like a new a band stage setup area, a new beer stand location, or a mist cool down area since the area has drains. The park has confirmed with KICentral that this will become a new Coke Refill and ICEE Stand. In addition to Coke Freestyle machines. It will also serve ICEE's to go along with the new upgraded drink plan that includes ICEEs. Additionally, the park let us know that more ICEE machines are being delivered to the park to accommodate the extra demand for ICEE's. Construction on the new stand will begin in the fall of 2024. Be on the lookout here for updates.
  15. A little busy here on a Friday. Current DB line.
  16. Unless they are going to have fastlane at the parks that do Winterfest this year?
  17. Paging @VortexBFForever. Is this something that can possibly be checked on? It would be cool to have that audio working again.
  18. I am not sure how big the prestige pass base is at CP, but you could have an outside and a separate inside VIP. That does look much better than the temporary tents from before.
  19. Probably could have gotten the logo for free if they reached out to the artist to say, "we want to use your logo in our on ride photo." We will offer you free advertising with a blog and social post to user it on our on ride photo." Easy PR and helps the artist all without costing the park any more additional money bedsides the few hours of comms time that they are already paying anyway. Sure seems like the company is working harder at looking bad instead of working smarter. I am sure some poster will cross examine with their thoughts soon.
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