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  1. For me the best is Drop Tower. My favorite is Delirium though.
  2. Let's add some more PR stats in there. This record breaking thread is waiting to go into the Guinness Book of World records. Not only is it the oldest resurrected thread on a forum site, but was not 20, not 10, not even 5, but the shortest resurrected thread of all time on the Internet. It only had 2 posts to its length before being resurrected 20 years later on the KIC forum site.
  3. Here ya go! https://www.wsoctv.com/news/local/state-releases-report-carowinds-rides-cracked-support-beam/P7WVR3T3UJGE5JHFDI4IM5TUTU/?outputType=amp
  4. Definitely makes a difference on how business decisions are made.
  5. It sure seems they both should be striving to be more like Herschend. They seem to be the company that has their ducks in a row.
  6. With all the CF cuts, I could most definitely see KK pulling more and more Cedar Fair pass holders and guests than ever before. If fact, with these added offerings I think they are banking on it.
  7. They really are shooting themselves in the foot.
  8. What do you think of the new stripes?
  9. I do not know anything about the ticket gate system, but one could assume the old prestige pass plan was still in effect until Jan 1st 2024. Which then makes the new pass valid the same day.
  10. Keep in mind, we are very early in the year. Knott's is the only park dealing with the new passes so far. I understand the hesitation with what we have seen with the Prestige pass. When the park saw this thread, they reached out and made sure things were right. The acknowledgment and willingness to verify with other parks and their IT department that all should be working as advertised, really does speak highly of the KI GM. No mater the decisions that corporate might be making (most likely not under their control) the local parks do want to do what they can to make things right.
  11. Looks like Kings Island could have another piece of "current" Coney Island history if they buy the slides and add it to Soak City. That would be a great PR campaign. Hint, Hint!
  12. Luckily, the Kings Island GM saw this Thread. They reached out to Knott's. They talked to the GM at Knotts to rectify the situation. Hopefully this covers the training issues at the parking tolls at Knott's and other CF parks as well.
  13. School of Rock 2006 for those who want a revisit.
  14. So the park just reached out to me. They have confirmed that the pass should work for parking at Knott's. The park also called Knott's Berry Farm, they confirmed with the IT department of Cedar Fair, and talked with the GM of Knott's of the situation. Cedar Fair wants to make sure this is working correctly for all parties.
  15. Seeing the update on Camp Snoopy construction does not really need an all day timeframe, but a full day would be nice!
  16. I would still be ok with just a boat ride without the actors. Keep the animatronics and make a simpler story during the ride.
  17. Disclaimer: This was taken way before the cycle started.
  18. Where has been the buildup from the park about SSBR? The focus has been Camp Snoopy as a whole and oh BTW, there is a coaster as well. The story should have been a new coaster in the new Camp Snoopy. Not the other way around.
  19. We'll have to see if @malemcan do that for when the site goes down, but with no server to deliver content I don't see that happening. As far as the tab favicon, I have almost done the same thing multiple times just this week.
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