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  1. We got some of the jam during Winterfest. It did not last long. I love boysenberries!
  2. Here are some quick Camp Snoopy picture update.
  3. Amazing, mine got lost as well. The park must be disappointed that the two biggest contributors to KI web traffic didn't get their invites. Hopefully they can get that resolved before the next time.
  4. A closer look at the fast lane scanners.
  5. Why didn't you add 365 days in front of it then?
  6. Please use this thread to update wait times for the 2024 season! Please remember a ride going down is normal and it's okay to report, but please don't post "Riders are stuck on the lift hill of DB." A vague statement like that is not helpful and that is when the media starts calling the park. We hope you are excited to get the 2024 season started. This season we celebrate 4 different anniversary seasons. 10th for Banshee 15th for Diamondback 25th for Invertigo 45th for The Beast With the addition of Camp Snoopy and a new Vekoma roller coaster to ride later this Spring, it is sure to be a great season! The KIC Admin looks forward to seeing everyone at the park this season.
  7. I wonder if Gene, who purchased IB, got it for one of his parks?
  8. Maybe they wanted to get past the eclipse event?
  9. Great PTR. Wish I was there with you guys, but Indyboy4ki and I enjoyed the Eclipse in the back yard. I did not tell him about this event otherwise I would be in trouble.
  10. Paging @malem. This is an issue he has to look into.
  11. They might want to wait a few years to update the Beast Plaque. My need to say Six Flags Kings Island?
  12. Who has tasted and enjoyed this drink?
  13. Having a good debate is healthy. Seeing another's perspective is how we grow and learn. There are extremes both ways. This is no different than sports fans that are passionate about their team. For some KI fans/enthusiasts the park can sell them a $500 pass, walk in with only 2 flat rides open in the park, and given left over McDonald's fries for their meal plan and they will be happy about it. Then there are others that have these unreasonable expectations of the value of their pass. They could have ERT for themselves for 3 hours, get a 3 course meal and a massage before they leave and find something to be upset about. I do not think we are at these extremes in this thread when calling out the "this changed and that changed" after the fact. Stating that it does not look good on the company as a whole, or the value of the pass has lost some value because what was was sold on date 1 then changed on date 2 like 30 days later is not unreasonable. Family's thinking about buying a pass may see these threads when doing research to decided if a pass at KI is for them. The parks decisions on these subjects have consequences on the bottom line. Just because someone feels they were mislead and and the "subject to change" has been used quite a bit in the last few years does not make them trolls.
  14. I have never seen better operations at a CF park than KI. They are the gold standard and we are very lucky. My rankings for CF parks in my past experience: KI, Knott's, CP, Carowinds, WOF, MA, KD, VF, Dorney.
  15. Agree with the food selection, but I thought it was a cool little park and should not be missed. At least for one visit.
  16. Most definitely. The fact it was a hard no is probably what created the suit.
  17. SHHHHHH! Don't give them that idea. I love sitting out there as well.
  18. At least they market it right calling it a flat ride. I could see a park like Indiana Beach getting one of these.
  19. I wonder if this takes the place of the beer cart that was in front of the first planter section as you walk into Coney Mall?
  20. You would think a company that has a hard enough time getting employees would be bending over backwards to help themselves get employees not make it harder.
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