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  1. While orange spray paint on the ground can often mean the presence of communication lines or other conduit underground, orange flagging on a stake doesn't necessarily mean that. Orange is a common color to use for the flagging on survey stakes since it's bright and stands out. The stakes are used for a variety of things: marking reference points, layouts, valve locations, etc. The flagging on a stake doesn't always indicate what the stake is marking.
  2. You would file early to avoid any holdups with construction. Once plans are submitted, the local government has a period of time to review the plans (the time period varies by jurisdiction and type of permit, but 30 days is a good reference). The government then gets to approve or reject the plans, and request changes. The park would submit the plans to give enough time to get approval so that construction is not disrupted.
  3. Actually, precast can be cheaper. You save a ton of time (which is money) on labor to create forms and bend rebar. Labor is a huge component in the cost of concrete. So depending on the size of what needs to be precast and transportation costs, precast is cheaper sometimes.
  4. I believe the foundations for this coaster were done by Clark Reder, based in West Chester (just as Banshee's were done by Schaefer). Diamondback and Banshee both have some circular ones, too.
  5. Actually, the only plans (in terms of vertical construction) that were required for Banshee were foundation plans (location, type, size, and test data after doing the cylinder breaks post-pouring). Anything above the foundations (i.e. ride supports and track) did NOT have to be submitted; Mason did not have to review and approve that. Now, other parts of the design plans like grading, environmental (drainage, SWPPP), etc. may have been required, but most people here don't care about that (and don't give info regarding the actual ride. Could there be different requirements for a wooden coaster? Maybe, but doubtful. It wouldn't make sense. If I could actually review the full set... Edit: Do they even have a track "record"?Sent from my XT1526 using Tapatalk There can be a record for anything haha
  6. From one of the renderings, it appears as though a net will go from the bottom of the V where you walk up to the ceiling, so that hopefully no cell phones or large objects can get dropped/thrown in. Change or small things well...let's hope the workers keep a strict, watchful eye
  7. I've always wondered how contracts like this work. Does a place (Cedar Fair, McDonald's, etc) pay Coca-Cola in order to sell the products, or does Coca-Cola pay the other company in order to have their products sold in park, restaurant, etc? Partially based on costs of buying the product too?
  8. Trying to renew my pass...and I can't read the card numbers at the bottom of my current pass. Lovely. edit: Tried 128 different combinations (based on what I was sure of) and...couldn't get it
  9. Hi guys, again, thank you to everyone who had some input! I will be working at a camp in Virginia until the end of July, and when my assignment is up, I figured I'd make the 3-4 hour drive to the Baltimore and/or DC area. For those who have been...if you had an afternoon/evening and the next day in those areas (for the first time), what would spend your time doing? Other option is to head to Busch Gardens Williamsburg
  10. Huge thank you to everyone who has provided great information! I really do appreciate it. Now my sister has changed up our plans. Instead of Florida, we wants to head to Virginia Beach around August 4th. I like the change...kinda. I didn't want to go to Florida in August. Too hot for me to really enjoy myself. But at the same time, I still won't get to go to Florida Does anyone here have any helpful info about the Virginia Beach area like where to stay, what to do or see, what to eat, or what's within a reasonable drive?
  11. I'd loveeee to visit Busch Gardens Tampa! Last time we were in Florida (the only time, actually, in spring 2008) a space shuttle was coming back from space and we were at Cocoa Beach. Unfortunately the weather in Florida was pretty bad and the shuttle had to land elsewhere If we don't end up doing a ton in Orlando, the next best thing would be to stay in a beach house and wake up and see dolphins in the ocean <3 I'm so fascinated by those animals.
  12. ^^No, we don't have anyone in my family that is/was a part of the military. My grandpa is a vet but passed away a couple years ago. Thanks for the info everyone, especially GYK. Y'all are really fantastic and knowledgable and helpful!! Now...does anyone have any suggestions for a beach to visit/coastal area to visit stay at? There's still the possibility that this will end up being a vacation to the beach, with a park or two thrown in. I've always heard the Gulf Coast is the side of the state to visit. True? Suggestions for other things to see/do while in Florida but outside of Orlando?
  13. Cut out the park hopper ticket, and cut back from 8 days. Drive down instead of flying. Don't do the dining plan. You get an even better bargain basement deal
  14. I sometimes high five or fist bump, other times I don't. It depends on how obnoxious the group is being.
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