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  1. I always avoid confronting another guest if they engage in something like line jumping. I try to contact staff, preferably security, and let them handle the issue. This not only keeps you safe but possibly the situation from escalating.
  2. Unlike KI, Cedar Point has always had their own police force on site. They are big burly guys whom if you are smart you do not mess with and they are well trained. It seems like because of this you do not see such incidents at CP. This is no reflection on the dedicated Security people at KI but I am wondering if they have the proper training to deal with and/or prevent such incidents as occurred this past Saturday. It seems like the solution is to have an on site Police Department at KI with officers who would have such proper training.
  3. It may be grown ups who need a chaperone if the trouble makers were over 21.
  4. That's horrible. Such trouble makers have no place where there are families with young children.
  5. My two cents on the subject. Before Fast Lane, I could ride everything I wanted at both KI and CP even on busy days because of the excellent capacity. For example, when the line for Diamondback was all the way to Reds Hall of Fame ( sorry but the new name of that place escapes me.) the wait would just be 45 minutes-the same from the entrance to The Beast with full switchbacks. Now the waits have doubled. The wait for Maverick at CP has especially become a nightmare. I am realistic and know Fast Lane is here to stay but I don't understand why the system is supposed to make it so those who cannot afford it should have miserable time at the park so that those who can afford it can have a great time. This is in no way meant to criticize those who buy Fast Lane-the issue is not their problem. I am just wondering if the parks are selling too many Fast Lanes. At any rate I just might get Fast Lane next time I am at KI. I guess if you can't beat them, then join them. lol.
  6. Rosemary's Baby still one of the scariest if not the scariest movie I have ever seen.
  7. A few years ago the then General Manager Greg Scheid at an event asked how we liked Thunderbird at Holiday World. I don't know if there was any significance to this but it makes me wonder if a wing-rider launch is planned for the old Vortex area. Seems like it would be a perfect spot. ( Note: I am usually wrong when I try to guess on amusement park plans.)
  8. markr

    I'm Back

    Can't wait until tomorrow. It has been three years since my last Beast ride and hope to get a more comfortable ride with my weight loss. Those 2 clicks are awful when you have a few extra pounds.
  9. markr

    I'm Back

    Thank you Bodda. I only got one ride on Orion last season which was on opening day 7/2/20. While like M Force a smidge better, still loved it. Its so nice to have a giga in your own backyard. The arguments about it not being a real giga because of the lift hill being less than 300 feet to me were plain silly. People need to realize that the topography of KI is made up of ravines which means lift hills on the average will be lower while you will have higher drops into ravines. I did not go back to KI at all for the rest of the season as I was simply too worried about the Covid outbreak. I feel so lucky that I did not get stricken but it really hit home when my Partner's mother as well as several of his sisters and brothers in law were stricken. They all recovered but that was a very scary time. Hopefully there is now a light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccine available. Hope to see you at the park tomorrow Bodda.
  10. markr

    I'm Back

    Hello everybody. I don't know how long it has been since I posted on here but I miss everybody. Have been kind of a hermit during this horrible year but am so thankful to have survived it. Got both of my shots and am ready to start riding again. Hope to see you all this Saturday for Season Pass weekend. ( I am assuming that there are a lot of new members on here.) PS are you still around Terpy? So miss your wit.
  11. Giga for 2020 would certainly be fitting. That will be 20th anniversary of first giga, MF. ps Its been ages since I have posted. Hope you are all well.
  12. Sending trains out with a bunch of empty seats drives me crazy. It seems to have gotten especially bad at Banshee station. My solution would be to stop the ridiculous practice of assigning seats-simply tell people to enter the station and grab a seat especially single riders. This causes an unnecessary long queue line even on non busy days. I have addressed this issue repeatedly to no avail. So managment, hope you are now listening.
  13. Doesn't say that Mean Streak being totally domolished, simply states getting the ax. The video has the tone of a teaser similar to the Mantis closing announcement. This tells me that it is a re-do, not a demolish.
  14. What I don't like about those ads is that it seems to blame everything on the tobacco companies for young people smoking. Give me a break! People have known for decades about the dangers of smoking yet there are people who have continued to take up the habit despite the warnings. I see no personal responsibility in those ads.
  15. Would expect to see e-cig commercials eventually banned from television as regular cig adds were banned from television 45 years ago. Almost feel like I am stepping back in time when I see an e-cig commercial. Here is an example of what I saw regularly on TV when I was a kid.
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