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  1. No it wont. Your coming out of that seat in the front row hanging over the first drop. As well as on the brake run...
  2. World's lamest record, still should be pretty darn sweet though. Pumped that it wasn't a wing.
  3. 13 acres out of 364...Beast takes up 35 acres...so, about 1/3 the space of The Beast. Not all that big, in comparison to a record breaking woodie, but big. Would stay in line with the current thinking, 4,000-5,000 feet in length. I305 is on 5 acres
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  5. It would be more reliable than their cable lift.
  6. Take a minute to imagine what the support structure for such a coaster would look like.
  7. I can somewhat see what you're saying, SoB was also a world breaking coaster.
  8. If we're assuming 45 degree lift, height is insanely easy to estimate using the scale.
  9. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vertical_loop Ouch, no thanks to the 13' symmetrical loop.
  10. World's first coaster to sit on the former site of the world's first looping wooden coaster.
  11. I'll say this: I'm fairly certain if B&M were designing a water ride, the vehicles would actually fit. You cannot say Intamin reliability issues are overblown, and that it's not on Intamin - obviously there is a pattern. In fact, as of now a 3 year old coaster (which had to be modified upon completion, not unlike another recent Intamin creation) is inoperable and expected to be down for up to 8 more weeks. I'm not saying I prefer one to the other, I'm simply pointing out that there are certain reliability issues with Intamin designs. IMO the reason B&M machines are so much more reliable, and so much more forceless, is due to a superior engineering team. I by no means prefer forceless, but when you look at these companies side-by-side from a customer's point of view, Intamin appears somewhat fly by night.
  12. I have another tab open with Yakety Sax playing on loop in the background as I catch up on this thread.
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