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  1. Although it is incredibly stupid that the park agreed to do this, I still thin it's pretty cool.
  2. Aha, but I love Wooden coasters that are rough beyond belief! That's why I'm so fond of Mean Streak.
  3. I've seen those same sunglasses many times XD
  4. I may be, and probably am wrong, correct me if I am, but wasn't Space Mountain built by Arrow? Sorry I'm so off topic, lol.
  5. I know that this is an extremely unrealistic poll, I'm just curious.
  6. I would really love an enterprise added to the X-Base. That would be sweet!
  7. I simply had to vote for Gemini because up until now, it is the best ride I've ever ridden at Cedar Point!
  8. I rarely partake in these money grabbing machines, but when I do, I always do quite well.
  9. My favorite fail ride is the Scooby Doo Ghoster Coaster at Kings Island. I only rode it once, but it was good fun.
  10. Hello everybody. About a week ago I took a trip up to Kings Island and promised a trip report. Well, eleven days later I have decided to finally write that trip report I arrived at the park at about 11:15, which was a bummer to me because I can't stand to miss any riding time when visiting my favorite place on the Planet. I got out, chugged a Cherry Vanilla Pepsi and ate a Starcrunch, and then walked up to the park, e-Ticket in hand. I walked through the turnstiles with my cousin, and we were greeted by the ominous rush of the fountains. I can't get enough of them! This was also my Cousin's first time riding any rides, and he looked scared as ever! We made our way up the right side of the park and I decided to hit up BBoBH first, which has been the tradition since SDatHC Opened, and also because he didn't take want to take a spin on The Beast first. On the ride, I was disappointed that there was no fog effect, but that was quite alright, I had a good time as always. I scored a score of 1060, and then we made our way off of the ride. Walking down through Camp Snoopy, I noticed the sign that so many of you had been talking about on here, and I couldn't help but think that it looked great. So we made our way over to Shake, Rattle, and Roll, which is always a fun ride. After that, we walked through The Coney mall and into Oktoberfest to take a spin on one of my all time favorites, Adventure Express! We sat in the front seat, as is my routine for the ride, and he had a blast! That ride seemed so lonely though, since Delirium wasn't swining and Son of Beast wasn't roaring down the tracks. So we got off the ride and went down to Flight Deck, which was just as fun as I remembered it being. Then, I decided to take him on his First real rollercoaster ride ever: The Racer! We decided to sit in the front seat on the Blue train, which the ride op informed us that it was, indeed, the cool train. (I got lots of smiles from the ride ops that day because of my racer shirt, which states that the max speed of the ride is 53 MPH, and they had to inform me time after time that that wasn't true. They also made comments that it was a very old shirt, but I bought it at the park just a month ago in ThrillSeekers! It even has a Cedar Fair sticker on it!) Anyways, the ride op went about entertaining himself by saying that it was the only ride in the park that went completely underwater. He also said watch out for the bear. My cousin got a kick out of that. After the ride, my cousin was thrilled, and he told me that he loved rollercoasters! That brought a slight tear to my eye. So, afterwards, we decided to go again, this time on the Red Racer, and again in the front seat. Again, he had a blast. I decided to go on one of the Flat Rides that I have yet to ride in the Park: Monster. This was a very odd ride to me as I have never been on that type of ride before. Nonetheless, we both had a blast, and it helped me to get over my fear of heights a little bit, although I am puzzled to how it did so. We then walked across the street to take a ride on Scrambler. Boring After Scrambler, we took another ride on The Racer, and Two more rides on Adventure Express. After reading on this site that the light on the Lava effect was back on, I decided that I really wanted to look for it. However, this proved to be impossible due to the fact that a door was open on the final lift hill, illuminating most of the Tunnel. I decided that he should take a spin on the Backlot Stunt Coaster. The wait was kind of long on this ride, but it was great as always! I couldn't help but notice that the Control panel facing the awaiting passengers still Says The Italian Job: Stunt Track. I got a little kick out of that. The tunnels in the ride weren't illuminated, which added to the experience, and it was great. Then I decided to take him on his first big Coaster... The Beast! We were kind of hungry, so we bought some drinks and Candy Bars in The Beasts queue line, and then walked up to station and ate them as we went. We went on the ride, and he slouched in his seat, which annoyed me, because he said that he didn't like the ride because he hit his head on it. Dont Slouch Dork! We went back up and rode The Racer one more time, then grabbed an Ice Cream Cone. Then we met up with my mom and grandparents. At this point, my cousin was done riding, and my sister replaced him as my riding partner. So My sister, My Granpa, and I all got aboard The Vortex to ride my favorite looping coaster of all time (Keep in mind that my Granpda is Sixty and had a blast! I was so proud of Him.) So we went and rode some more, which included two more rides on The Beast, The Racer, and Adventure Express, along with one more ride on The BLSC. Then, I decided to go over and hit up Diamondback for the first time ever. My first ever Hypercoaster standing right in front of me, and I was in line for it. Me and my sister made our way up, and keep in mind that it was almost closing time. Then, lighting rolled in. It closed Diamondback, and none of my family wanted to wait it out. So... we left the park. And I have yet to ride a 200+ Foot tall coaster All in all, it was a pretty good trip, and I had a lot of fun. I'm going to be Riding the Magnum later this year, which will be my first 200+ foot Hypercoaster. I can't wait, so expect a Cedar Point trip report sometime in the future! Also, I apologize for the extreme delay in posting this TR.
  11. About 71 Miles from Kings Island at my house.
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