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  1. Hell no that doesn't sound reasonable. You CRAZY, lol. Yes I agree, $15 a person is better. I like option 2, SOB getting the texas giant thing. SOB is a great lay out, and if it were steel it would be cool, and the tallest and fastest hybrid coaster.
  2. I hate KI right now, I love the dino thing but not the fee.
  3. Beat you to it. haha. I hope the move the camera so you can see it better,
  4. Nope, I have been nervous all week from not seeing any crane activity. You can see a part of WindSeeker on the crane!
  5. Thank you for getting us back on topic, I think they are just starting the trail, we did see those trucks back there.
  6. ^ I see. (As I was reading your reply I was looking at my Tom Brady Fathead.......)
  7. If you don't make it, I have no idea where you might find the information about it! lol I know always more exciting to find out about it first hand. That way you don't have to sift though 59000 post about SoB and why something on it should have been announced! i know this is very off topic, but why do you hate Tom Brady?
  8. Now that we are getting this Dino trail, I hope we still do get a larger ride in 2012, It would be really cool if they could do something to SOB and put some dino theming in it. I would really like the Texas giant treatment for it, but its still a long way off so I can't start thinking abut it quite yet.
  9. Look around, pre announcement made and yes a dino walk thru. FYI, does anyone know if the Action Theater is in use for this year and if so what is showing? I don't know but a Dino movie would be better than the walk!
  10. As long as everyone in the family is 52" or over, then yes, you could consider WS to be family friendly. But for those of us with kids that aren't (GatorGirl should be over 46" but under 48" this year), then WS is not family friendly. So a dino attraction will probably be a good thing for us since the kiddies can't ride WS. From the Dayton Daily News article: And how exactly do they know this with 100% certainty? What is their source? They don't refer to any park official in this article that says that's what it is. 2:00 tomorrow cannot come fast enough to kill the speculation in this topic. Thats odd, when WindSeeker was announced they said 48'' for the hight requirement.
  11. It seems like the are 100% sure that it is a dino walk, and the official announcement has not been made yet/.
  12. I think someone said this, but a Dino trail would be great for hunt.
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