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  1. I think having Austrailian food would be awesome! I don't agree with beer, but, the food would be a great addition and would complete the atmosphere the park is shooting for.
  2. Well I thought COL was fantastic, but I can definetly see why you would say that and I too found the first movie to be much better. Back to PKI, Dan,I must say, is wrong. (please do not kill me) You would not have to change the soundtrack or the f/x to add to the ride. Now a MAJOR overhaul is a totally different story. But, for Fearfest, I think the park could handle one flip. Now, I believe that they will do something much bigger for next season as hinted many times before. And, I also believe that the 5 on the intesity is almost inescapable. TR:TR is already border-line 4, adding flips and special effects would definetly bump it up to a 5. (which, in my eyes, it always should have been a 5) However, we still need more proof that the ride has infact changed before we go off on a tangent. Also, (reffering to RyanA and Dan) if you have not yet ridden the ride since this came about, then please don't say that it has not chnaged. We appreciate your comments, but when trying to sort out an issue such as this, we need people that have actually rode it to give us proof. Not assumptions from those who base their comments on the likely hood of a subject. Now, has anyone else rode TR:TR since it supposedly changed.
  3. It seems to be the STARTINGS of a new ride program, one flip may make it better, but if the park is going to spend the cash to reprogram it, then I highly doubt the change will only be one flip. They are rpobably testing it out to see how the crowds reacted to a very minor change. If they completely love it and believe it changes the ride 180', then the park may just add some more fog, lights, etc. and a few flips. If that does not satisfy, then they will invest a more durastic change. But, before we get ourselves into a tizzy about this and get all excited, I think we should have at least 3 more people confirm this change on a first hand basis. (not that I do not trust you dropzone265, I simply need some different views to confirm it) -If anyone else has noticed this then please respond, I'll be visiting the park soon, so, I will be able to ride it myself.
  4. The Cradle fo Life would translate into a ride better than the first movie did. It just has that feel. COL, however, could not be a top spin, There is simply no way it would work. But it would make a neat suspended ride. (a suspended dark ride is the vehicle they use on the E.T. adventure, just put that ride on some serious steroids and you'll know what I am talking about.)
  5. The only movie it reminded me of was Amadeus. And, it seemed, no offense, that the whole story was based on that movie. The similarities were scary. Again, take no offense, I am simply infferring. The story was good, but did not boast a Phantom Theatre feel to it. No where near creepy enough. But, you are the writer. However, if you would like to see my rendition of the story, then please tell me. But, its the whole story of Kings Island. 3 books, 450pg's each, 14 font. (I'm working on a copyright) Anyway, I could post excerpts. But, I've done that on certain other PKI websites and they got quite heated that I did. So, I need to know if anyone would be interested. Sorry for upstaging your topic Italianchef.
  6. Inraider


    I would like to see SOB remodeled, but I highly doubt that it will be. SOB's life will be a very short one. I am guessing no longer than another 6 years. 10 at max.
  7. FoF, best coaster in the whole park.
  8. Yes, definetly, but I would also like to see them involve the action with the story line, instead of just flipping or dropping, THEN you see the part of the story. Thats the rides biggest and almost only flaw in my opinion:the movement and the story line are never mixed. It completely loses that TRing feeling that its supposed to give. Instead of that dangerous feeling, it gives you an omniciant feeling. here are some great ways to fix that: make the lava explode using fog, heat, water, etc. then because of it exploding, the whole craft is launched upward while still facing the lava, but then quickly flips and evades a ceiling of spikes (no, not ICE, Spikes, as in a new scene) I guess you could say the ride has a lack of cause and effect. Like I said, thats the only problem, but it is a major one that could make or break the opinion of the ride very easily.
  9. Well...fun and THRILLING are two totally different concepts. Delirium is a truly FUN ride, however, it does not thrill me like it used to.
  10. It was recently reported on Scremascape (which by no means makes it true), that they had recived a hint that TR:TR would be lengthened this year as part of a park "FUN" plan that has not yet been disclosed. I posted this to see what you, the public, would like to see happen to Tomb Raider, if this turned out to be true. Again, its nothing factual yet, but I figured it would be fun to speculate on what they might do to it. What are your ideas?
  11. It wouldn't surprise me if we got a Huss Delirium, AND it could have an exotic theme to it. But, who's knows whats in store for next year! we'll find out in the next couple of days!
  12. I wouldn't be surpirsed if we got a Delirium. Not to mention how awesome it would be.
  13. Ok guys. I am not joking about this........we all need to breathe. I 'm serious, 3 big deep breaths slowly in through the nose and out through the mouth.... Ok, now, we all need to carefully analyze what the press release says: PARAMOUNT'S Kings Islandâ„¢ ANNOUNCES 2003 IS THE LAST SEASON FOR WATERWORKSâ„¢ WATER PARK Area will be used to make way for future expansion in 2004 Kings Island, Ohio - WaterWorks, the largest water park in the area with more than 20 rides and slides, will open for its last day of operation on Labor Day, September 1, 2003. The 15-acres of land currently occupied by WaterWorks water park will be utilized for future park expansion in 2004. "Our guests are in for a real surprise next season," hinted Craig M. Ross, Paramount's Kings Island's executive vice president and general manager. "It is going to be amazing." The attractions in WaterWorks water park have given more than 35 million slides since opening in 1989. Now, that we've all read it and got the facts straight, lets start making some formulated ideas on what this could mean. Not just opinionated third grader responses because we're angry or we have the opportunity to rub a rumor into somebody's face. Lets work together and try and solve this mystery because one thing is unanimous: we are all clueless......
  14. Ok guys. I ahve stopped posting on these forums and I have left the site. But after reading all of this 2004 stuff, I had to step in. Aaron and the staff have been dropping you guys hints for the past couple of weeks that you all seem to ignore because you are all so HELL BENT on getting a steel coaster that many of you fail to recognize what will be coming to the park! Lets examine the facts: 1. Aaron and the staff have been saying saying that it "next year, will be a WET one" 2.PKI's contract/agreement with huss is not over yet 3. Screemscape just realeased that we may be getting another HUSS giant. So, whats a HUSS GIANT RIDE, it GETS YOU WET, IS INTENDED TO BE HIGHLY THEMED and has never been done before? Its called a HUSS Delirium, look into it.
  15. Not really...you want to enlighten us?
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