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  1. Haha... Thanks... I'm mostly going to ride rides...lol... I'm goofy... But I'm there for Diamondback...Have fun tomorrow,
  2. Okee. I'll like be ready for whatever comes my way. Thanks.
  3. Ok. Thanks for the help. But do you know if it gets better late at night? Like everything dying down with a few people leaving? Thanks.
  4. Kings Island tomorrow with my cousin and my mom! #Excited

  5. Hey Guys. Going to KI tomorrow and I have a few questions about HH. I'm going from 3 pm until 1am... And I was wondering... How long are the ride times? Does it get better at night? How crowded is it? And is there anything else you can tell me? Thanks guys! P.S-Please answer soon
  6. Kings Island in 7mins! Epic!:)

  7. Kings Island... Today...Soon.:)

  8. KI 4 the 3rd time Tuesday. Oh My! This is freakin Beast!

  9. Tomorrow & Friday KI With my Family:)

  10. HAH not funny Ha, you're rude. Well I am deeply sorry If its not funny to you sploosh mcballer. But umm you're new. So welcome to KI Central. And great way to make a good impression.
  11. Yeah... Im sorry. I used to ride that ride all my life and I can't help but call it Runaway Reptar. Sorry.
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