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  1. I never go to Boomerang Bay, but I think this a great for the park! I think its a great way to spend 10 mil! WTG! I know a lot of people wanted this, well some focus being put on the water park. And I must admit, the action river looks like something I would love. I love Lazy Rivers, just not slides and stuff I never went to BB in years past just to ride the lazy river because I have been on many of them, but the addition to it look fun and I might venture in next year! As for the themeing, I like the "bay" cause it fits better with "Island"...."city" and "Island" is just odd lol. But, to each their own! And it will be even better if they have to hire more people next year! Positive impact!
  2. The FAQ didnt make sense, it makes it sound like you have to do it this year, and in other parts it says you dont, and I was way lost.
  3. Thank you We totally agree.
  4. You cant have an opinion on something that hasn't even been announced
  5. That wasnt a complaint. It was facts. Go read for yourself.
  6. Ppl complain too much, like on the post they just posted about the announcement everyone complains about everything, like admission prices and stuff. I dont understand why people complain about EVERYTHING! If they dislike it so much, why bother. Everyone is so negative now a days. I personally think Kings Island has the best rates and even great prices on food and stuff. Ppl need to just be happy!
  7. And someone else posted on their page that they too also saw white track, lol, Ghost track is being spotter everywhere!
  8. I guess you can find out about the new attractions early tomorrow on their FB page.
  9. Top Thrill Dragster - 2 hours wait for a 20 sec. ride. Ya do it once, your done. The only thing that makes it fun is if you rollback.
  10. Im gonna be at work tomorrow at 2 I'll have to find out when I get off at 5! So sad!
  11. Ooo ok Thanks! Their FAQ said "For new 2012 Gold passholders, you may process your 2012 season pass during any public operating day this fall through October 30th. Please check our operating calendar for dates and times." and I was like..ummm soooooo what?
  12. I have never purchased Season Passes online, I dont know if someone asked this yet, but what if I buy it, and cant get it processed till next year because I cant make it up there because of work for the rest of the year? Im confused over it lol.
  13. Anyone else check out their new FB picture...They are Surveying for something!!!!
  14. haha or I could of just looked at twitter, lol http://twitpic.com/6d8yse :x But the webcam shows more!
  15. If you go to the website and look at the webcams, they already have stuff up by the fountains.
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