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  1. I have talked with numerous people within park upper management about that. Their response was that they are only allowed to use yogi bear characters ect with the campgrounds. I think Coney would have a great opportunity to put some along the river on either side of the river gate. But also the strict rules of the branding would also not allow us to do curtain things as well. Look for Coney in the future to bring more characters to the brand as well as themeing on the dry side of the park in the future.
  2. So is Coney Island expecting anything new for 2015?
  3. I think the video you are looking for is Greetings From Coney Island , it has since been pulled from youtube but thankfully I downloaded it and can put it back on youtube if you would like.
  4. It would be nice if we could recreate old coney full scale!
  5. http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20121220/BIZ01/312200116/River-Downs-get-new-grandstand-gaming-area
  6. Truly how do we even know how successful this Racino will even be, you really can't make any assumptions on how good their business will even be when it hasn't even started yet. CoastersRZ is 100% spot on and will only provide KICentral with the facts he knows!
  7. She did visit the park once or twice during the season.
  8. Either it will be somewhat on stilts or they might raise the elevation of the ground by bringing in some dirt who knows.
  9. Hopefully in a positive way! Parking no doubt will be one of the biggest problems especially for sold out concerts or those busy days at Coney. Makes you wonder what kind of solutions can they make being land locked like that, parking garage maybe who knows!
  10. I'm sure if they were going to be docking a boat like the delta or a gambling boat at Coney then CoasterRZ would maybe have heard some inside info on that one. Not doubting anyone because these are rumors and they can come true but having a gambling boat by the old dock seems a big stretch but not out of the question.
  11. I think this has it's pros and cons but it should benefit Coney with some more tourism, but still anything could happen in the future with the park. If they end up building a hotel near by (which I have no idea where that would go) that would be very good for coney, also if the Delta Queen were parked near by I also think that would help boost the number of people that come to that area.
  12. That would be such an awesome addition to the park! But seems to me it's just a little bit of parking/road work.
  13. Then what exactly was pilotank talking about then?
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