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  1. The Star Trek charachters appeared the first year Paramount bought the parks (1993) as Paramount produced the Star Trek series. They were discontinued after i think two years. My guess is that they weren't that popluar and required a makeup artist to be on staff as opposed to just zipping people into the cartoon characters. Also, they were pretty scary looking.
  2. I agree, coney mall at the end of the day is really relaxing and sitting under the trees on a bench around the carousel is also a lot of fun. A lot of people don't know that the carousel is back there. Very under utilized.
  3. As a former GR employee I can say... "Have you seen a cell phone?" As a former Ecology employee I can say... "You couldn't pay me enough to do that." (I usually told them that $11.00 an hour was enoug for me.)
  4. The reason they don't get ride of the antique cars is that they need to have a good "product" mix. Prodcut is the industry term for the mix of rides in the park and the overall experiance. You need to have enough attractions that families can enjoy togeather. If you dont' have enough rides for kids who are too old for HB but not tall enough for the biggest rides you will have very upset parents. The second station is now permanentaly closed. They added fences to what used to be the enterance and exit. The ride is actually two seperate courses that intertwine. The coney side used to be called Ohio Overaland Auto Livery and the other side used to be called Les Taxis. Last year the attraction offically became Antique Cars when it got a sponsor. I think they should carefully remove the unused course so that they could squeeze in a nice steel coaster on that side of the park. There is a lot of space in that area if you include the old spot of salt water circus arena plus there is land behind Wings and there would be land on the other side of the pond where Les Taxis used to be. It would be a neat layout that could go over the pond. I hope they don't tear out the whole ride though as that is one of the most beautifully landscaped tin lizzy rides i've ever seen. P.S. does anyone know the manufacturer on that ride? Are the cars Arrow?
  5. I used to work in the park services departmen and we were usually the last second shift (thats from 3 or 4 pm to close) team to leave the park. The fountains usually shut off about 45min after the park closes and the music is on a timer and dosen't shut off until and hour after the park closes. After that happens its really creepy. It takes about two hours or so for the park services people to clean all the bathrooms, empty the trash cans and sweep up all the midways. After we leave the streets are hosed down with a pumper truck and there are people who make deliveris to from the warehouse to the stands and rides all night. Being there really late is kina fun only its not cool when you work a double in park services and get there before anybody else and are the last car in the parking lot. Oh, and guest relations stays until the last guest leaves the park. All the lost and found stuff from that day gets put into plastic bags and sent with security to the lost and found area to be sorted the next day. But most of the stuff that is really lost, like on rides, gets turned in the next day when maintenance does thier inspections.
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