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  1. I'm all for Steel Beast with a 330 ft drop and have it include the largest loop in the world.
  2. The Bat is orange. I would like to see something bright green maybe with gray/silver supports
  3. Yeah and how Mean Streak is going to get the RMC conversion.
  4. Were getting a GCI (Mystic Timbers) and an RMC ( mid August announcement) that intertwine together? One can only hope.
  5. How about a RMC with a 95 degree first drop. Or maybe B&M first shot at a wood coaster.
  6. Here is what I would do to make The Beast better. (Knowing full well this idea will be ripped apart by several people on here) Tear it down and have RMC rebuild Son of Beast in its place (loop included). Bring on the hate!
  7. I don't think its that far fetched for them to go 1600ft longer than Fury.
  8. If where their driving piles in is the area of work wouldn't we be able to get a more precise location of the coasters layout?
  9. Depends on who you ask. I'm not sure there is any confirmation of that.
  10. Just a hunch or do you have reasons your leaning this way?
  11. We will get our giga soon enough and I have a feeling it's going to be a record breaker somehow. Length I think.
  12. It seems like KI Carrowinds and CP are where they are currently investing the most. I just hope KI continues to be a park they heavily invest in. I think it will be considering its one of their most visited parks.
  13. I didn't say they are I said I wouldn't let it happen.
  14. I get that but I still wouldn't let KI fall all that far behind.
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