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  1. My first post here in ages. Been lurking on this thread every now and then. I'm excited for the announcement, but people commenting on names they hate...remember the reaction to the name Mystic Timbers? It wasn't great. We all kinda came to terms with it and we're fine...
  2. ^ My whole family agrees with you on spinning rides, but the oldest and I enjoy Delirium because the 'spin' is so minor.
  3. I think it comes off that way, but it was more about the wording not being precise enough to remove all doubt and confusion and some of the statements themselves falling prey to the same lack of clarity. edit: Your claiming it's common sense, while I don't disagree with you, hinges on the assumption that the general population of this planet possesses common sense. Any trip outside of one's own home should be proof enough that that is not the case. As an aside, is it really productive to chime in telling people they've "gone to a new low"? Why not just move on from the thread if you feel that way? Name calling doesn't help anybody.
  4. Winter 2017 is different than just Winter. I did not say Winter started in January. I said Winter 2017 starts in January. Putting them together makes them different. It's like saying the 2016 season starts in April. 2016 starts in January, but the 2016 season starts in April. Kings Island is saying Winter 2017, not just Winter. I see your point now, but most businesses and their managers (the ones you incorrectly imply nobody here knows anything about), when saying "Winter 2017" tend mean "the winter that starts in 2017". Could it have been worded more clearly? Sure. I do think if they meant this coming winter, they would have said "this coming Winter". Also, if people are going to drop $100-200 on a pass (or anything, for that matter) and not fully know and understand what they're buying by not calling and asking questions, I'm not able to muster a ton of sympathy.
  5. ^ I don't mean to sound crass or mean, but you stating Winter starts in January does not make it so. Please do some research and cite a source for Winter starting in January. Otherwise, I'll stick with NOAA, various almanacs, what I was taught in grade school and other sources who have a reputation for knowing such things.
  6. While it's disappointing we won't have Winterfest this coming winter, I think 'fraud' is overly strong assertion. Winter actually starts on December 21. It can be tricky in conversation since it's the only season that spans calendar years. People tend to get confused about 12am and 12pm for reasons not all that different. All along they have said the announcement(s) made this summer were for 2017.
  7. To boost sales of seasons passes that just went on sale. most likely
  8. Seems odd they'd announce it do far in advance if it's next year, but also seems like they wouldn't have said it's returning in 2017 and have it after the holidays (in this coming January) since part of the announcement is a Christmas tree display (why turn the Eiffel Tower into a giant Christmas tree *after* Christmas?).
  9. I think I missed that one...and that could go so many ways. Something in the lyrics for Mustang Sally by Wilson Picket...or the lyrics to Ride Sally Ride by Lou Reed...or the first American woman in space... ...or something completely different.
  10. ^"Claims that an employee told them it's Winterfest" Could be true, could be not true. Could be an ill informed employee. It's sad, kinda, that when people make those claims they often can't cite a source because they'd out a friend and get laughed at for not citing a source. They're better off just not saying anything.
  11. Maybe. I just don't see them being that clever with this. I'm betting it's going away entirely and we'll find out tomorrow why. If it's not mentioned in their announcement tomorrow, then only (more) time will tell, really.
  12. ^ Wouldn't Winterfest be for this year? Don's tweet just a bit ago specifically said the announcement was "pertaining to 2017" https://twitter.com/DonHelbig/status/765966562360758272
  13. I wouldn't think a ride being closed to be revamped in any way would get an announcement of it "getting the axe" and that they can't say why yet. Why wouldn't they just say it's closing early because it's the off season isn't long enough to address maintenance needs or something similar?
  14. <iframe src="https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fvisitkingsisland%2Fposts%2F10155039905983368%3A0&width=500"width="500" height="564" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true"></iframe> edit: I suck at embedding links here. The link you can click on works, but it's ugly I know
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