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Found 16 results

  1. Ok so, I had this idea come to me while I was at work, and I wanted to see what you guys think. I was thinking about what could be coming to Kings Island in 2024 or beyond and I think I have a pretty solid idea. I do NOT think this will happen for the 2024 season for several reasons, the most prominent being the re-imagining of TTD at Cedar Point opening in 2024. I think that KI also opening something would just cause unnecessary competition between the parks. I think that we would see construction begin Mid to late 2024 season for opening in the 2025 season. I think KI should open a Surf Coaster, but they wanted to see how the re-design worked in SeaWorld Orlando before committing. It has been (from everything I've seen) received amazingly by those that have ridden it. They could place it in the old space occupied by Vortex, extending if need beyond it into the woods near The Beast or behind The Racer's turnaround. It would be a great fit for the park. The park does not have something like this already, and Cedar Fair seems to be going harkening back to nostalgia with several attractions (Wild Mouse returning to CP, the reimagining of TTD, the retro aesthetic merch across all the parks, old areas reimagined or updated, etc.) while using modern tech. Kings Island could install a new version of their once beloved standing coaster, and theme it to the ever expanding world of Miami River Lumber Co. the coaster would be themed to the idea of Log rolling or Logging on the Miami River. the story could be like this: With the expanding rumors surrounding the old Miami River Lumber Company, hearing of the recent incidents involving a pickup truck by the Companies old shed (Mystic Timbers) and reports of a monster lurking the grounds. many have attempted to explore the property in search of answers. the stories and rumors had long centered around the woods and the buildings, the river having only been used to transport the wood between the two seemed to be safe. but as old sayings go, the walls have hears, the hills have eyes, and never turn your back on the ocean... the river has a breath, and it doesn't like being ignored. one night you find yourself walking along the banks of the river near the old mill grounds. without warning, you hear a thunderous roar, and suddenly barreling towards you is hundreds of old logs. broken free from their straps after years of decay, your only chance to escape is to hop on top and ride them down the river or risk being crushed. suddenly the once calm river turns into a violent current and rapids, to survive, you must log roll and jump from log to log avoiding rocks and almost certain death. this coaster would utilize the raising and lowering of the seats to simulate jumping from log to log. it could be a fairly compact coaster, I imagine something that is quickly paced, more quick than Pipeline, but not super fast. I think it should still have the "flowing" and smooth feel because you would be "on water" for the ride. I imagine quick airtime transitions that change the bank like on Pipeline, but more compact, or like on the way to the final turn of Zadra, but slightly more drawn out. I think a slalom section like on cheetah hunt could be a fun addition and sensation, like quick hopping between logs heading up the river. I think they would be able to work with the terrain of the plot, using it to make the sweeping turns. let me know what you guys think about a Surf Coaster for 2025 for Kings Island
  2. Hey Guys I am visiting Ohio this week and have heard much about King Island. I want to visit here too. Kings Island is an amusement park located in Mason, Ohio. It opened to the public on April 29, 1972, and has been providing thrills, excitement, and family fun ever since. The park features over 100 rides and attractions, including thrill, rides like the Diamondback roller coaster and kid-friendly attractions like Planet Snoopy. Kings Island also hosts a variety of live shows and entertainment, including its famous WinterFest holiday celebration. Whether you're looking for a day of adventure or just an afternoon of fun, Kings Island offers something for everyone. So come out and enjoy the thrills! But that's not all: Kings Island also has plenty of food options to keep your family fueled throughout the day. From classic American fare to Mexican and Italian cuisine, there's something for every taste. Plus, you can snack on treats like funnel cakes, ice cream, and cotton candy any time of day! The above information is what I got from Google. However, I am here to ask some questions from locals or those who visited the place. What are some of the must-see attractions at Kings Island? What is the best time to visit Kings Island if you want to avoid crowds? How long should one plan for a full-day trip to Kings Island? Is there any special event or festival that takes place in Kings Island throughout the year? A re there any discounts available on ticket prices? Looking forward to your replies. Thank you!
  3. With the opening of the new Orion at Kings Island, and the all new Area 72, there's bound to be tons of easter eggs scattered throughout the new area and Orion's que. Whenever you get to ride the new ride, try to take some pictures and maybe some notes. This includes the following: Orion's que line, both fast pass and stand-by lines; Flight of Fear que line and exit; all of Area 72, including the podcast car you pass by before you go under The Racer's first hill. Can you find the most easter eggs? Maybe even all of them. Good luck !! Let the challenge begin!!
  4. Hi all. I write a local blog, Cincinnati Revisited, and am starting to focus the content on conceptualization, architectural renderings, themed experiences, etc. - but on the historical side. One the things I'm trying to do is create a database of local theme park maps - especially Kings Island maps, but also Coney, Americana, etc. - which will tie in to future writeups. I've located some here for now. Missing KI map years: 1973-1983 1984 1986,1987 1990-1996 1997 (the official park map) 1998-1999 2001 2003 2006-2008 2010-2011 If you have access to hi-res scans or know of anyone or any place that I can locate the rest, please let me know! Thanks for your help in advance! Matt
  5. The conversation about Son of Beast has been moved to this topic. In light of many threads about the ride and one giant thread that has devolved from discussion to rumors to jokes about the rumors, it's time to start anew. Hopefully this will create a more concise topic that won't require reading through 150+ pages to get caught up on. Facts: - The ride has not operated since June 16, 2009. - The park's current General Manager has stated the reason for not operating the ride is his dissatisfaction with the ride's performance. “Eight days after I took over, the accident occurred,” said Scheid. “We have struggled with it ever since. We have smoothed out the ride. Most people will say they are comfortable with the ride, but I am not comfortable with the ride.” - From 2000 - 2006 the ride was the world's only wooden looping roller coaster and operated with trains manufactured by Premier Rides. - On July 9, 2006 an accident occurred. According to an investigation by the State of Ohio Department of Agriculture: a cracked vertical timber [in the ride's "Rose Bowl" section] created a "bump." When a train navigated this section, some riders received non life-threatening injuries and the ride was closed for the remainder of the season. - Following the Department of Agricultures investigation [which faulted some aspects of the design of the ride] in which recommendations to improve the rides performance were made, the loop was removed and "new" trains were installed. - On july 4, 2007, Son of Beast re-opened nearly a year after its accident. The ride featured two modified trains manufactured by Gerstauler that were originally found on the Hurricane at Myrtle Beach Pavillion. To accommodate the lighter trains, the loop was removed. Son of Beast was still billed as the world's tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster. - On June 16, 2009 - the ride was voluntarily closed down after a woman came forward stating she had suffered an injury on the ride in May of that year. The ride has not re-opened since for the reasons stated above: dissatisfaction with the ride's performance. Note: the incident in June of 2009 has never been officially stated to have been the reason for the ride's closure. As of this topic's posting on July 5, 2012: No decision has been made regarding the future of Son of Beast. References: Cincinnati Enquirer, "What's Next for Son of Beast?" - April 24, 2011. Cincinnati Business Courier, "Son of Beast a No-Go for 2010." - March 15, 2010. Cincinnati Enquirer, "Son of Beast" shuts down at K.I. - June 23, 2009. Ground Rules: - Please follow KICentral.com's "Terms of Service." Failure to abide by these rules will result in consequences. - Feel free to discuss rumors about the ride and ideas for its future use, HOWEVER, if you are going to claim to have "inside information" or a claim you heard something from an "official" (and things of this nature), state your source or have your post deleted. - Be respectful to your fellow posters, but at the same time have a sense of humor, please. - Share your memories of the ride and your experiences, but make your post worth reading. - Son of Beast, Summer 2008. From KICentral.com's "The Event." Photo by Ronny Salerno.
  6. According to screamscape they have found track pieces to a wing rider that is expected to be built for 2013. ] LINK: http://screamscape.c...try_news.htm#BM The picture below shows the track, green is kind of an odd looking color. But these wing riders look fun. So where do you think it will go?
  7. Many Luminosity: Ignite the Night details emerge in this story at The Toledo Blade: http://www.toledoblade.com/business/2012/03/13/Details-come-to-light-on-new-park-attraction.html If the Cedar Point Luminosity introduction is successful, CF plans to roll out the experience to all its parks.
  8. Greg released what the 40th anniversary cup for Kings Island on twitter about a hour ago. Here is the link... http://twitter.com/#...4947072/photo/1 I personally like the design but miss the old larger cups.
  9. This is a question that has made me think since the announcement Soak City which are what will happen to the scenery of Boomerang Bay, and what will happen to all the signs of the slides/attractions?
  10. Have you guys heard of or joined the Save Son of Beast facebook page, or followed us on twitter? Please pass the word around we already have over 2,000 likes! Also give us a review on here, we have daily updates and polls almost everyday along with many updates concerning the park and other rides. http://www.facebook....st/313135991408 http://twitter.com/#.../savesonofbeast Save Son of Beast! Join us on facebook and twitter!
  11. It looks as though the partnership between Kings Island and Great Wolf Lodge has been restored.... http://www.visitkingsisland.com/featured-hotels/great-wolf-lodge
  12. Jack Falfas has been awarded $2 million plus by court for removal from previous job at Cedar Fair. The new court order vacates the ruling of the arbitration panel which ordered Falfas returned to his job. The court cites case law which establishes job return orders are not allowed. Stacy Froley is quoted by the Sandusky Register in response to the breaking news. Froley would not comment as to the economic damage CF must ultimately pay Falfas. However, the court did order payment from the time of Falfas departure til the end of his contract term in November 2012. Falfas or CF can appeal the decision. While reported in the Sandusky Register the news has not, as yet, been posted to their website. However, I have called to verify the story with the Register, and requested they post this story. I had the pleasure of having the story read to me over the phone as a verification of the following report: http://geaugalaketoday.freepowerboards.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2564 Hat tip, and congratulations to, CoasterDad at Geauga Lake Today for web breaking this story. Great catch! UPDATE: The SanduskyRegister.com site should have the full story posted no later than Sunday afternoon. Perhaps earlier.
  13. Hi, I'm new, I have a question. At the emporium shop, they have a pair of sunglasses that they sell, they are Silver maybe Gray? with blue lenses, I bought them last May, May 24th 2011 to be exact. Anyway, My friend told me that they were a different type of aviators, they don't look like them, an ex friend said I looked like I had bug eyes with them on, they have a chrome silver metal logo with metal flames, could anyone tell me what brand of sunglasses these are? I still have mine but I have to know! Thank you! John
  14. HEYY i went Halloween Haunt last friday and i got to go through Holiday Horror, Club Blood, Mysteria, Urgent Scare, and CarnEvil. Does anyone know if any of the other mazes have a chainsaw. I have heard that slaughterhouse does but im not sure. If anyone one knows i grateful appreciate the info!
  15. Something you guests may not know is that KI runs an interdepartmental softball league--Rides, Foodservice, Games, KAS, etc. So if your ever bored at KI (unlikely, but when your there 30-40 hours a week, it happens) just walk over to the employee entrance off of western row, and see if theres a game happening (the field is right on the corner of Western Row and the employee entrance road). GO KAMANS 2012!!! (yes, I'm a front gate photographer)
  16. Yesterday I was at Kings Island and Cedar Fair does the ride lines so different. i think they make it go slower so yull buy a fast-pass. i was waiting for Firehawk and the line was backed up to the end of the line thing, all that was left was walkway to station. as soon as you wait 45mins and get to the end of the line the worker tells about ten people at once to go to the station. he does that every 5 mins then you have to wait at the station for about 5 more mins. they just didnt do that on FH they did it on beast AE and others.
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