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Antique Cars


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Ok, smarty pants, lets assume PKI loses their mind and opts to move the Antique Cars behind TR:TR. There's about one acre, if that, of field there. Barely enough space for a station, there would be no theming, and getting a path to it would probably require using TR:TR's exit. And the layout would be boring and stupid, and wouldn't really fit in amongst TR and The Beast. I'm not sure why everyone thinks thats like prime real estate back there and always says something should be relocated to it. Antique Cars in my opinion should stay right where they are, and no attraction should take their place. I don't think a coaster fits that plot of land as well as the Tiques do. Sadly, I do believe that the Rivertown station and its track will be removed, but I highly doubt that the Coney Mall side will be gone for good. As for 2005 rides, I think it's a good bet that PKI will see a new coaster next year, but I think you're looking at the wrong place for where it will go. But I'd say 2006 would be a likely candidate for something new to pop up where the Rivertown station currently is.

NOTE: Anyone who believes that the Tiques will be moved behind TR, please take no offense from this, I'm just stating my opinion.

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OK, Here's MY opinion!

1. Why in the hell would the park remove ONE side of the antique cars for an attraction 2 years down the rode?

2. Exactly what ride would fit into ONE side of the tiques?

3. IF the tiques are removed and relocated, where do you suppose they put them?

4. The tiques layout is already boring and stupid.

5. The land where the tiques are right now is prime real estate, NOT THE AREA BEHIND TR:TR!

6. If PKI uses the land where tiques are, the lake, and the area where the dolphin show is, there is enough land for a coaster!

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You're all wrong. Tiques is going to be expanded to two times the size. tongue.gif .

No really, I believe what I have heard lately and that is the new coaster addition will go in Coney Mall between SOB and FOF or somewhere in there.

1. Why in the hell would the park remove ONE side of the antique cars for an attraction 2 years down the rode?

First of all, it's road. Second, I'm sure PKI does all kinds of preparation work a year or two before an attraction goes in, including site work. I guarantee that the execs at PKI know exactly where they are going with the park in at least the next five years.

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