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    Designing wooden roller coasters and making people happy. I always tell people that my job is to make others forget about, and get away from, their jobs!

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  1. Just so you guys know, I posted a few stats below about White Lightning. And just to clarify, this is the Fun Spot in Orlando and not the one farther down in Kissimmee. Just a few special features that the ride will include are the double up/double down and a 90 degree turn! Stay turned on the Fun Spot's facebook page as well as the Great Coasters facebook page for more on this ride! White Lightning Stats: Length= 2000ft Height= 75ft Max Speed= 48mph Max drop= 58degress (world record coined “Claire Curve”) Max bank angle= 90degrees (world record coined “Ariel Dive”) Air time moments= apprx 18 Ride length= apprx 1:15min Rumored by International Coaster Experts to become “the BEST coaster ride in Central Florida, maybe the world!!!” Opening Feb 2013
  2. Great, thanks for you extremely fast response!
  3. Just curious, but does anyone know if Kings Island will be having this 5K/10K run again this year? I haven't been able to find anything on it and really thought it was an annual event. Thanks!
  4. Dave, You are correct in that wooden coasters are a rare breed in China, but just to clarify, we did open our ride a few weeks ago to the public. If anyone was waiting to go to China, the ride at Knight Valley is open! Check out the photos on our Facebook page and like us! https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/GreatCoasters
  5. I have one that actually made me laugh hysterically in line for The Racer. Person 1: Why did the backwards Racer get turned around this year. Person 2 (not with person 1, but in line in front of them): Oh man, someone got whiplash bad and sued the park last year, they had to turn the train back around. Person 1: WOW, I don't think I am going to ride this now. My dad and I just started laughing.
  6. Your lucky you work with GCI, i dream of working with them and designing coasters.

  7. I tried to do the whole park in a day (a Saturday) expecting light crowds, but I was surprised to see HUGH lines for everything. I waited an hour for a Boomerang! Anyway, you will definitely need two days, and be sure to do the Huss J2, I thought it was fantastic.
  8. For those of you that are interested in the new Evel Knievel coaster, I am one of the GCII Interns and we are just starting back up on our site for the off season. Check out our intern web-site for updates and photos of the new ride as it comes along. GCII Interns
  9. Hershey was voted number one park outside of Orlando this year also. It has to be because of the new Wildcat trains
  10. Maybe it's just me, but has anyone posted any photos from the event yet? I was at SFKK and Beech Bend on Saturday and did not have a chance to attend. I would love to see how it went.
  11. Where is the Great Coasters option.Custom Coasters is not around anymore.
  12. You cannot see it walking to Top Gun or anywhere on the ground. The only place I caught sight of it was on Drop Zone. The only other place I could think to look would be on the Effel Tower, but the roof of the station may be blocking it. I sat in seat 33 or 34 on Drop Zone, when the gondola spins, look over and you will see the lead coach, NOT a whole train.
  13. I was at the park today and while riding Drop Zone, I glanced over to SoB and noticed something that looked like a "test cart" but as I thought about it, I remembered that the G-trains from the Hurricane had open fronts almost like MF trains. Basically, the lead coach for the new train is sitting in the station. I tried hard to snap a shot, but I couldn't see it from anywhere else. If you are at the park soon, check it out. My guess, we will see a full train in the next week or two.
  14. EXCLUSIVE: The Wildcat trains are now officially at HersheyPark! The trains were shipped out yesterday and taday and they should be on the track within the next week, with testing to follow. Check out the website to see exclusive photos and see the progress of the Renegade trains.
  15. I am currently interning at Great Coasters International. Evan, the other intern, and myself have created this Blog website to give everyone some insight into working at GCI as well as seeing progress on the trains for GCI's new rides. Check it out. GCI Intern Site
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