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Kennywood - PA Tour the sixth and Final Park 6/23/09


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I left the Sleep Inn in State College early and was headed for The Holiday Inn in Monroeville, close to Kennywood to check-in get my tickets for the park and then get to Kennywood. I went down I-99 South towards Altoona, and then took 22 west towards Monroeville, MAJOR MISTAKE!!!!! I spent at least 90 minutes not moving in construction, If you are ever headed west to Kennywood stay off this road at all cost, it is a nightmare and wants your in the mess you're pretty much stuck, 30 west would have been a better plan, more miles but much faster I'm sure, anyway I arrived at Kennywood, the parking lot was across the street, we arrived I was wearing a Cedar Point shirt and the gate attendant said Ooo Cedar Point, you need a Kennywood shirt, well this was about the first of at least 3 workers who said this to me during the day, which impressed me, they take pride in their park, I will say it was, however, difficult to find a decent Kennywood shirt, I like pictures on my shirt or logo's almost all their shirts simply say Kennywood on it, nothing else, I managed to find one with 4 postage stamps with pictures of each of the 4 coasters on it.

On to the rides though, the first thing we rode was the Kangaroo, I had never rode, well maybe I did as a kid at Americana, but I was too young for me to now remember, I do understand this is the last operating one in the world


Then we proceeded to ride yet another Pennsylvania Paratrooper, but I love this ride, I can't get enough of it


Before grabbing lunch we took a ride on the classic Jack Rabbit Coaster, this ride was a lot of fun and great ride for all ages, it is famous for it's double dip



and The Racer - Not quite as fast as Kings Island's but it is strange because you finish on the opposite side than you depart



nearby the Paddleboat spot was a very pretty spot



I wanted to eat at the Parkside Cafe, the oldest building in the park dating back to around 1900


But I coulnd't decide what to eat there and ended up eating at the Pizza Pavillion in Lost Kennywood


Lost Kennywood was just a beautiful place with the big area of fountains that the Pittsburg Plunge dumps into and all the concrete walkways around it and the ornate structures, I could've spent all day there just enjoying how pretty it was




Lost Kennywood is kind of losing it's theme of being a tribute to old rides, but it still has the swings and The Whip




It now has more modern ride like Swingshot, similar to Skyhawk at Cedar Point


The Exterminator indoor crazy mouse ride was closed, bummer

after leaving Lost Kennywood we went on The Noah's Ark Funhouse


This was so cool! so old fashioned - lost of elements of a classic funhouse and the boat rocking back and forth, and it has been remodeled in the last 10 years and brought up to date, I went through this probably 3 or 4 more times during the day.

We then got on the Phantom's Revenge




This is quite an impressive coaster and probably the tallest one I've ever ridden that pulls you up on classic chain instead of the way the Force does, but I only rode once, I guess I just was more interested in the classic stuff, I want the big coasters I go to Cedar Point, the idea behind this trip was to ride vintage stuff

I have to confess I never made it on the Turtle, probably becuase the line was relatively long and I got my fill of the Tumble Bug on day 1 at Conneaut Lake Park



Next we rode the Thunderbolt Roller Coaster, they won't allow you to ride this one as a single rider, it was an awesome wooden coaster that goes along the river



Then we rode Ghostwood Estate, Kennywood's newest dark ride, and It was really nice, very charming Haunted House



First you are given instructions


It's a good thing they have this nice new dark ride, because, I can safely say they have destroyed the Old Mill Ride, having re-themed it as Garfield's Nightmare, and though I have never been to Kennywood before, and thus never ridden it the way it was, I can safely say a Nightmare it is, it is incredibly stupid, but it was enjoyable to ride something reminiscent of the enchanted voyage



Kennywood's new ride this year is the return of the Bayern Kurve


They had a nice Carousel with a working Calliope



Cosmic Chaos, seen in the right corner of the picture was a fun ride that could be described as an adult version of Avitar


I never did make it on the Grand Prix Bumper Cars


Or the Turnpike Cars


Kennywood is a pretty park


Kennywood has a river and city view


Auto Race was different, the cars are electric, unlike Antique Cars you don't have to hold down a Gas Pedal and they go pretty fast


Next we rode the train, before boarding in the depot we watched Laughing Sal, who used to be in front of the Laugh In The Dark


The Train Ride was a tribute to Kennywood History


Before leaving we went through Noah's Ark one last time, then managed a couple more rides on the Thunderbolt, the last ride we took on the thunderbolt just happened to be the last ride of the night. So we headed for the Exit

I believe this Exit sign use to reside at Coney Island's Luna Park


Well it had been a fun filled 5 days, but tomorrow I must head back towards Northern Kentucky

To see more of my photo's and Videos visit my webpage at My Pennsylvania Trip Pictures and Video Page

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Wonderful trip report! Yes, Racer is a mobius coaster, meaning it is one continuous track, and you end up on the other side.

The musical instrument on the carousel is an organ. A calliope would have been audible several miles away, being steam powered! :)

Your pictures are great and do the park a great service.

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I'm not old enough (32) to have gone to Coney Island, before Kings Island was built, but it was my mom's favorite place, and I've heard many stories, and I just felt like I was visiting Old Coney, when I was at Kennywood, having some of the same rides and some of the same atmosphere, especially being right on the River

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The thing I will say about Kennywood though, is of the parks I've visited in the last 15 or so years, it has the most variety, not wild rides, but rides that the whole family can ride together from the youngest to Grandma, It has become such a trend anymore that you have the adult rides that are too wild for the kids, and the kid rides that are too lame for the adults, and in many cases the adults can't even ride with them, and Grandma well she can't ride hardly anything - I love how Kennywood is so old-fashioned in the way that most rides are good for the whole family just as it was when I was a kid in the early 80's - not thrill rides, just fun rides, don't get me wrong I like the MF as much as anybody, but I truly miss the variety aspect that parks use to have

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Wonderful trip report! I love Kennywood. It has such class. That's really the only way I can ever describe it. A classic darkride (the last of its kind in America!) and new, high tech dark ride, what my friends and I call "Garfield's six-hour boatride," a Zamperla Hawk, the delightful Exterminator (sorry you missed it!), beautiful landscaping and Phantom's Revenge, one of the greatest surprises of my amusement park visits ever. Glad you had fun!

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