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PTR for 4/30/10


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I left the house at around 7 AM and was waiting for Gary(XGatorHead) at the Metal Detectors. He texted me and said he just left the house to get there. I was a little jealous of this since I had been on the road for 2 hrs to be standing there and he would be there in less than 10 minutes.While waiting the first school bus pulled up and I would say there was only about 2 dozen max for the day.

I used to attend M and S day with the school I work at and there would be around 100 busses in the lot those days. Most field trips have been cut in In dy and it showed at KI yesterday. When ERT stated we headed for DB and got the second train of the day and did not leave that train until the ROTB's filled the queue. Gary and I got 7 rides in during ERT. We were happy about that Count.

Gary and I had not hit Firehawk yet this season and with the park so empty we headed straight there. After a station wait on FH, we hit up FOF. Still can take a nap on the MCBR, but still a good ride. The lower lights were on in the building so you could see the track pretty well, not sure if this is the norm now? We wanted to hit FD, but hit up Racer on the way. Red trains are still not in the mood to race. We then got 2 rides in on FD.

We wanted to hit up Invertigo while the lines we good, but it was having some major issues. Considering there were 3 maintenance men working on it and several parts hanging off they got it running mid afternoon. Way to go KI Maintenance, thanks for the hard effort. It did not look like it was an easy fix..


We then hit Gary and I's favorite flat in the park, Delirum. We then heard DB was calling our names so we headed back to Rivertown. Got a good ride in on DB, then we hit up BBOBH. The skeleton scenes were not on and we told a ride op about the issue. We then went into PS and rode Surf Dog, it still looks funny without the Avatar guy on the train. Snoopy themes and paint job looked good. We then hit up Flying Ace Aerial Chace. Still is funny to me the kids steel coaster is rougher that DB!

Since we were right there we decided DB sounded good so we rode that again. We were starting to get warm and noticed the line for Race For Your Life Charlie Brown was not bad so we decided to cool off. Did not get verywet, but what we did get felt good.

We then decided it was time to lap back around the park and hit the rides we missed the fist time around. We went to Beast and took 2 rides on him once in the back and then in the front. I still prefer the back of the train. We hit up BLSC and found the name of that ride to not be the same as stated in other places: )


We then hit Vortex. Got a 7-1 and 7-2 ride and was very good. The first drop still gets my stomach in a different way than what even DB does. Hard to explain it.

The weekend before I was at my grandmothers with my mother and wife where I was talking about the number of trash cans in the park. I said it was a good thing, but felt sorry the crew that has to empty all of them and said when you are in Coney Mall there are prbabbly 100 trash cans in that midway. My wife said, "no there can not be that many." So you know what that means, I counted them. As of that of the day and to my best count I counted 97 trash cans down Coney Mall. (This includes the new recycle bins.)

We then hit up Race and AE. It was cool seeing the lava lit up. Way to go KI! We were getting warm again so we went to Congo Falls to cool off. We got quite wet there, felt good. We then were ready to sit down and relax. What better ride to do that on than the train! Since we were back in Rivertown why not hit up DB! We meet up with Jackson (Beast1979) in the queue so we joined our group.

Jackson had not gotten his one ride a year on Crypt, so he dragged Gary and I on it. We then went to hit Beast, and I rode with Jackson who got a bug in his right eye. I had to help him get the little burger out. Once I told Jackson were the bug was at in his eye he got it out and it was still alive. We decided to hit up BLSC and then Vortex where Jackson and I rode in 7-1 and 7-2 and Gary rode 5-1. Gary likes 7-1 better than 5-1, sorry Terpy!

When we got off Vortex waiting for us by the exit was Danielle (Keiko_Coaster.) I know she likes SB 3-D and asked it she had already rode and she said no, so Jackson and her wanted to ride it. Gary and I had never seen the SB movie since it came there, nor did we have any intentions to do so, but we went along. It was not as bad as we thought. We left the theater and I realized my wallet was not in my pocket. Luckily the doors had not closed and I went back in and sure enough there it was in my seat. The moving seat vibrated it out of my pocket.

When we got back near The Vortex exit we meet up with Robbie (CoastersRZ.) We now had 5 in our group in case you were not keeping up. We then rode Scrambler, Racer, AE, Deliruim, and DT. We then headed to FD and Gary took a pic of uswhere the SOB cage used to be. From Left to right, myself, Danielle, and Jackson.)


We then rode BBOBH where Robbie's score reset half way through, Boocifer did not like his score I guess? We then hit up Surf Dog again. I was getting tired and the sandals I was wearing was rubbing the back of my heel on one foot raw so it was getting painful to walk. I wanted to get one more ride in on DB before I left for the day. Gary and I got in seats 3-3 and 3-4 which was the closest to the front we had been all day.

After that it was about 8:45 and I decided to make my 2 hr drive back to Indy. All in all a very good day at the park. I want to thank Gary for the invite on KIC and everyone else who joined our group that made it that much more fun!

Ride Count

AE – 2

Beast - 3


BLSC – 2

CF -1

Crypt - 1

DB – 11

DT - 1

Delirum – 2

FAAC - 1

FD - 3

FH -1

FOF -1

Racer - 3


SB 3D - 1

SD – 2

Scrambler – 1

Train - 1

Vortex – 2

Total: 42 Rides!

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