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The Inversion LIVE - Coaster Podcast

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We all know there are the great podcasts of In the Loop, Amusement Radio and Season Pass Podcast and others, but a couple friends and I are starting our own. We are doing this for fun and for the news. This will be no professional podcast but we would like to share our love of coasters with everyone.

A new way to get your coaster news and talk on is coming! The Inversion LIVE will be a podcast streamed live as well. The show will first be aired on Wednesday July 14th at 9PM on my Ustream channel. We hope you all will join us for the show and invite others to listen to it.

The ustream channel: http://www.ustream.t...nnel/sethdawg17

We hope to have the podcast available on iTunes for download in the near future. Want to also thank a couple users on here for there inspiration from there podcast What's Up On The Island which gave me inspiration to try out a coaster podcast. So thanks beastfan26 and rcfreak339!

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So after having to cancel our first show the night of awhile back, we are back and TONIGHT we are going to be having our first show. BlogTalkRadio is what we are using to have this live and it limits us to at earliest a 11pm show. So I know this is a horrible time but its all we could do and if you could join us to call in and listen or talk or just listen and be in the chatroom.

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theinversion/2010/08/05/the-inversion-1 This is where the live show will be at 11pm ET.

We are hoping to get this into iTunes soon in the future and seems appropriate since its going to be a late show, hopefully we can get some support tonight!

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