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Turn Boomerang Bay Into Halloween Haunt?


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BB is open during October, in a sense. The hayride attraction (originates in the Picnic Grove as part of the kids' Howl-o-Fest) tours primarily through BB. They yelled at me when I jumped off the tractor and tried to climb the stairs to Awesome Aussie Twister, though.

(As an aside: does anyone agree with me that AAT is the single scariest ride at Kings' Island? That is one intense water slide!)

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Well though having HH at boomerang bay might seem like a good idea, it really isn't. And there is also the purpose of theme that plays with it as well. Agreeing with goodyyellowkorn it would cost KI more money to keep that area open. They have to fun food, water electricity and even more workers than the extra 400 they hire to work as scareactors for the Haunt. I actually have worked for HH as a scareactor and this discussion comes up between employees often. One reason this would not be a good idea is what theme of haunt would the put in there? Most of the haunts actually are placed in a certain area of the park to further accent the horror theme, like Carnevil is close to the children's area and Tombstone is set by the western side, and Pirate Cove is over the lake. So what would Boomerang By accent? The outback gone wrong with rabid kangaroos? Also there is the fact of getting guest from the main park to there since the train is closed and the children area gets closed off to preserve for the children's events during the day time on Saturday.

Actually, Tombstone is the only maze that even closely fits with the surrounding area. Coney Maul is themed to a dilapidated carnival, yet its attractions include a haunted mansion, haunted hospital, psychotic prison, and backwoods trail. And Waste Land, which used to be themed to a government outpost overrun with aliens, hold a slaughterhouse, a vampire bar, a farm with rabid scarecrows, and a werewolf-infested forest.

So where does that large warehou...err, Ancient Cave come into play?

But seriously. I love it when I find ancient ruins in my river themed amusement park areas.

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