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The Windseeker Poll


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After 2 months of delays and headaches, WindSeeker at Kings Island is now open. And thus, I have made a poll. Who would have thought it would come to this?

The poll has 3 parts, but is quite simple:

-How good did you think WindSeeker was?

-What kind of ride, having ridden it, would you say it is? (I give other rides at KI as "category samples" to assist placement)

-Is it better than Drop Tower?

Enjoy the poll.B) If you dislike...you know what you need to do. And it's not post crazy, bashing comments...CLICK. BACK.

UPDATE: Added a "Quickie Flatride Battle!". Is WindSeeker better than Kings Island's older tower thrill ride, Drop Tower? Could not resist!

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I rode it twice this morning during ERT, and I was actually pretty let down. I actually think that Zypher is better. If you can go up in the Eiffel Tower, you can ride the WindSeeker without any problems. It's essentially a Merry-Go-Round on a tower. I don't think it's a complete waste, because WindSeeker will be a good ride to watch, especially at night. It adds a lot to the skyline, is very marketable, and something that families can do, but it is basically just another spinning ride in the Coney Mall area. One ride per season will be enough for me from here on out.

Probably the worst thing about it was watching Diamondback and The Beast finish testing from the top. You could see all three Diamondback trains parked and waiting for people to enjoy... but only as soon as the hour long ERT on the over-hyped fair ride is finished.

I voted average/gentle/Drop Tower - Family ride in the same class as the Scrambler. Nothing wrong with that, but nothing that's going to keep me entertained for an hour every Saturday morning. One ride per season will work for me from now on.

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I like thrill rides and roller coasters but I would have to say WindSeeker is a pretty good ride. It is very relaxing and different from other rides at Kings Island

including the Eiffel Tower because the Eiffel Tower is just a giant green elevator with an observation deck. With WindSeeker it is a whole new view of

the park from a different perspective and your are on your side a little bit while swinging slowly enough to see the park and surrounding land.

If you are afraid of heights then all you have to do is get over the fear and it is a very calm relaxing ride. But I would not catogorize it as a Thrill Ride

because it is'nt, it is a family ride. Overall it is a pretty good ride

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