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  1. ^ Yeah, that's one of the selling points for the new "surf" coaster. That, and the launch.
  2. My experience with Shockwave many years ago had the seats move while loading to stand up without the knees bent. The seats /harness would lock in place before dispatch.
  3. After a rough winter with work, I am really looking forward to this one.
  4. Ticket in hand. The event can't get here fast enough.
  5. I hope they do sell them at the higher price, obviously to make more money for the park.
  6. ^ Also not impressed. I was expecting something a lot bigger.
  7. I would do it except for the fact that it is not available to "single riders" so to speak.
  8. I prefer the classic rock played in the station for The Racer. Several times I have waited in the station through a couple of cycles just to finish listening to a good song. For example: 'Barracuda' by Heart or any song by Led Zeppelin.
  9. Where can this list be found? The KI website has not posted anything yet as far as I know.
  10. I think you are saying it won't even take that long. Correct? I agree with the earlier post about those that had tickets for last years event should have first chance.
  11. Fast Lane Plus not available on KI website. I hope you are saying that they are available for purchase in the park.
  12. How do you set this dark theme? I think I would like to try this.
  13. I am waiting until July 8th at 1030. Work schedule has me working the 1st through the 7th and I wanted to let the park have some time to get used to this new mode of operation.
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