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"Zombie" Park (Made up of defunct coasters)!


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I thought up a fun one: you are building your own amusement park. While your flatrides will probably be new, you cannot build your own coasters. Why? Because, your coaster collection will be made up of nothing but coasters that have either:

#1: Kicked the bucket and been demolished.


#2: Are Standing But Not Operating, or in storage.

You may choose up to 10 of these "dead" coasters to "revive" in your new park. Any design flaws the coaster had that may have killed it, such as mechanical problems, will be fixed.

Enjoy the poll. If you dislike, click back.

PS: Relocated coasters, such as Dominator which went from GL to KD, are not selectable since they already have new homes.

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1. Big Bad Wolf - Busch Gardens Europe

2. Great American Scream Machine - Six Flags Great Adventure

3. Twisted Twins - Kentucky Kingdom

4. King Cobra - Kings Island

5. Flashback - Six Flags Magic Mountain

6. Excalibur - Six Flags Astroworld

7. Villan - Geauga Lake

8. Greezed Lightnin' - Six Flags Astroworld

9. Hangman - Opryland

10. Lightnin' Loops - Six Flags Great Adventure

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1. Cyclone Racer - The Pike

2. The Bat - Kings Island

3. Time Machine - Frestyle Music Park

4. Steel Phantom - Kennywood

5. Giant Coaster - Crystal Beach

6. Bobs/Tornado - Independent ride at Coney Island, New York,

7. Mini-Mine Train - Six Flags Over Georgia

8. Greased Lightnin' - California's Great America

9. Ravine Flyer - Waldameer Park

(I'm including Steel Phantom because I think enough was changed through the conversion to Phantom's Revenge.)

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I wanted to post this earlier, but my internet connection went belly-up until now, so...

#1-Aeroplane Coaster @ Rye Playland

One of the most legendary and intense wooden coasters ever built, and a beautiful one to boot. How could I NOT include it?

#2-Big Bad Wolf @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg

It was a tough choice between this and Kings Island's Bat, but I'll go with Big Bad Wolf for its excellent use of terrain since this park could use a terrain coaster.

#3-Steel Phantom @ Kennywood

Park needs a Mega-Looper. Park needs a hypercoaster. This will cover both. Could probably use better trains though, to prevent the head-banging.

#4-Shooting Star @ Coney Island Ohio

The park's "traditional" out and back coaster, Shooting Star was famous for its gobs of airtime and for being glass smooth. A perfect "partner" for the Aeroplane!

#5-King Cobra @ Kings Island

World's first looping stand-up coaster, and it would probably still be at Kings Island had the steel not been of poor quality. A "niche" coaster, yes, but thanks to King Cobra that niche is filled in this park.

#6-Batman and Robin: The Chiller @ Six Flags Great Adventure

A massive (it's the 2nd tallest ride in my park, at over 200 feet!) Premier Rides 2-tracked shuttle loop coaster. Terpy seems quite fond of it, which is part of the reason I picked it. Plus, it's Premier Rides, so it can't be too bad.

#7-Greezed' Lightning @ Kentucky Kingdom

The park's basic shuttle loop coaster.

#8-Bavarian Beetle @ Kings Island

My park will need a family-friendly coaster too...this will probably fill that void.

#9-Thunderbolt @ Coney Island NY

One of Coney Island NY's classic woodies, this will finish out the trio of woodies in my park.

#10-T2 @ Kentucky Kingdom

Only because we could use an inverted coaster, and there are no B&Ms to speak of...sigh. Once a B&M Invert dies, this is getting replaced, though.

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I can't think of 10 coasters, so I'll put some other defunct rides in there.

1. Big Bad Wolf

2.Phantom Theater, even though it's not a coaster.

3. The Banshee from Holiday World.

4. Drachen Fire

5.A re-tracked Son of Beast

6. Screamin' Demon

7. Orient Express

8. Great American Scream Machine

9. The Time Machine from Freestyle Music Park

10. Bavarian Beetle

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  • 3 weeks later...

1. Son of Beast

2. XLR-8 (SFAstroworld)

3.Ultra-twister(same as above)

4.King Cobra

5.The Bat*


7.Greased Ligntnin' (SFDK)

8. Orient Express(WOF)

9.Led Zepplin The Ride(FMP)

10. The original X at SFMM

*I know this will make 2 Suspended Swinging coasters but I couldnt resist either.

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1. Orient Express (WoF): Rename (IDK what), and change colors to be appropriate

2. Ozark Wildcat (Celebration City): Keep everything the same

3. Screechin' Eagle (LeSourdsville Lake): Keep everything the same

4. Big Bad Wolf (BGW): Rename (IDK what), but keep color scheme

5. Led Zeppelin (FSAP): Rename Carnivore, and paint similar to Talon

6. Chiller (SFGAdv): Rename Velocity-X,and paint appropriately

7. Mega Zeph (SFNO): Change name to "Raider" and get new trains

8. Rockin' Roller (SFSTL): Change name to cartoon theme, and change colors to be appropriate

9. Muskrat Scrambler (SFNO): Keep name, but change colors to darker green

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1. Son of Beast - 2nd favorite coaster behind The Boss

2. The Villain - 4th favorite (GL)

3. Ozark Wildcat - Need a GCI! (CC)

4. The Whizzer (CGA)

5. Screamin' Demon - My dad has talked about that he loved it! (KI)

6. Big Bad Wolf - Looked like a pretty good suspended coaster! (BGE)

7. Twisted Twins - Need a Dueler, plus love CCI's (KK)

8. Batman and Robin : The Chiller - Even though i've never been to SFGAdv, i remember going online when i was little and I saw a picture on the SF website and saying " I want to ride that! ". I was very sad to see it go

9. Mega Zeph - Again love CCI's (SFNO)

10. Time Machine - I love B&M's but especially their sit-down's and floor-less's (FMP)

If I could get those rides that would a dream, especially the Villain and SOB as I've ridden them, and they have a ton of memories.

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1. Son of Beast (Kings Island)

2. Hypersonic XLC (Kings Dominion)

3. T2 (Kentucky Kingdom)

4. King Cobra (Kings Island)

5. The Bat (Kings Island)

6. Screamin' Demon (Kings Island)

7. Texas Cyclone (Astroworld)

8. Greezed Lightnin' (Kentucky Kingdom)

9. Great American Scream Machine (Great Adventure)

10.Bavarian Beetle (Kings Island)

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