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  1. Are you able to get into them multiple times throughout the day?
  2. Does Kings Island have those lockers where you can get in them throughout the day, or is it only once?
  3. I never realized how big the loops actually were until I saw that picture. gives you a different perspective.
  4. 7-5-12 The max temperature this day was 99 degrees. I remember going over to Soak City and walking on the concrete was terrible. I think we spent most of the time in the river. We also went to Soak City that Saturday and I think the temperature had reached triple digits.
  5. A lot of the songs that the park plays aren't even popular anymore. I feel like a majority of them are pre-2008 and most teens consider songs from 2012 old.......
  6. Get a gold pass and visit KI as many times as I can. I remember talking about getting bored of the park in 2012, but after only visiting two times last year I'm starting to miss it.
  7. Went there back in June. Was pretty sweet. I'd definitely go back when the zip lines are open.
  8. Seeing those photos really makes me wish Swan Lake was never drained. I like Diamondback and all, but Swan Lake really brought the area together.....
  9. I'm sorry, but that post did nothing to help your cause. I'm not trying to be rude, but nonsense rambling and irrelevant posts about Donkeys do nothing to "add" to a topic. It may have been funny a few months ago, but now it's getting old and annoying. I'm not saying that you can't make off-topic posts (Lord knows we all do). But when you constantly do it, it gets very irritating.
  10. I've been spending a lot more time than I should be on KIC lately. Usually I don't get on much during the summer and fall, but the whole Starting to Decode 2014 topic changed that. I like coming here in the off-season a lot more because it kills time until the park opens and usually there are a lot more "interesting" threads.
  11. I'm going to change the scenario and say that if my family were to be moving to California and I'd never get the chance to go back to Kings Island for a long time, I'd probably ride The Beast.
  12. Why in the world would you have KI commercials...? I don't anymore, but a few years ago I used to have a whole bunch of them that I would watch on the way down to the park.
  13. If you have over an hour of Kings Island commercials on your iPod.
  14. Danke. Picked it up for 10k off some dude who had bought it for his son (who apparently had a lead foot) and couldn't afford the insurance after 2 speeding tickets.
  15. I heard someone yell it and I told my buddy, "That has to be somebody from KIC."
  16. I have Sprint and usually it's in and out depending on where your at. Surprisingly I have terrible coverage on the Eiffel Tower, but really good coverage back in DA. I really hate Sprint but I'm still on my family's bill so it's going to be a while until I can change.
  17. I was really confused at first when I saw this on the homepage, but then I noticed it was a bump....
  18. I'm afraid of heights, but only in buildings..... When I was younger I wouldn't even look over the railing at the mall.
  19. How about some Nickleback. That will really scare people
  20. Point out someone younger than him riding Diamondback and then give him a hard time about how a younger kid is riding "big" coasters and he isn't.
  21. If you arrive at the park at 6:30 A.M. to get a good parking spot.
  22. It's really sad seeing Big Dipper in the state that it's in. It was my first "big" coaster and one of the last I rode with my grandpa. Double Loop was also my first coaster I rode with inversions.
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