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McSalsa's Coaster Adventures: Kings Island May 5th (Cinco De Mayo)


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Hello! ^_^

Well, it's McSalsa again, ready to give another Trip Report from Kings Island- this time for May 5th, 2012. First, however, here is the ride rating system:

10=Epic. A memorable ride I will remember for a long time.

9=Excellent. A very fun ride with only minor flaws.

8=Very Good. An outstanding ride, but there's a flaw or two in there that keeps it from greatness.

7=Good. A fun ride, but not anything remarkable.

6=Decent. Respectable, but it has un-overlookable flaws.

5=Meh. Not good or bad, it has some big flaws.

4=Bad. This ride isn't worth waiting at all for, and has serious issues.

3=Very Bad. Don't waste your time here.

2=Garbage. Yuck!

1=Poo Poo...Eww! Avoid at all costs!

0=Superpoo...see above, only even worse somehow.

OK? Let's begin...our group inlcuded McSalsa (me), my sister, her best friend, her boyfriend, her best friend's boyfriend, and her best friend's boyfriend's brother.

We arrived at the park around 9:40, where I sadly learned WindSeeker would not be open today. Doh! We headed for the Coney Mall "gate" and waited for the park to open. There was only a small crowd, leading me to think the park might not be too crowded (boy, would I be proven wrong). A singer from one of the park's shows sang "Amazing Grace" and the park opened. Our plan was to head for Firehawk, but my sister saw no one heading for and wanted to ride...

#1: The Racer (RED)

Wait: 0 Minutes

We chose Red Racer over Blue. Neat how the two are no longer seperated and you now "choose" at the loading platform. Both sides were running, and (mostly) racing! I also, for the very first time, managed to hold my hands up for an ENTIRE ride! Yay! The ride itself was fun, possibly my best ride ever on this coaster, with solid floater and some ejector air all over the ride- John Allen's 40 year old classic gave me its first ride I would rate ABOVE an 8...it gets a 9/10. Bonus points for being smooth in spite of being a 40-year-old woodie, too!

Score: 9/10

After Racer, we made a discovery- her BF Boyfriend's Brother was AFRAID of roller coasters (I was suspicious when he said "All the coasters there suck!" during the drive...) Our attempts to get him to try even a small one would fail, he would refuse even Adventure Express...which, as we walked past, was closed for the morning for some reason- we were heading for Sling Shot, where we waited 20 minutes to find the cash register broken and thus the ride could not open (my sister was wanting to ride Sling Shot). We abandoned it eventually and headed for Firehawk...thankfully, we STILL beat most of the crowds to it...

#2: Firehawk

Wait: 10 Minutes

Firehawk is a ride, until now, I had only ridden once...my previous ride on Firehawk was good- intense, but not too rough. This time, we were in the back of a train and I must say...ow. It wasn't too painful, but Firehawk was quite rough on this morning. Still a fun ride though- just not worth a 2-hour wait.

Score: 8/10

After Firehawk, I wanted to hit Flight of Fear, which had only built up a short (30- minute) wait. But my sister's boyfriend wanted to ride Diamondback. Her Best Friend, Boyfriend, and BF's Brother needed some food and we left them. (I feel this was a mistake as we gave up a chance to ride FOF with a short wait in exchange for Diamondback, which would have about the same line all day...) On the way, we checked with the WS Ride Ops to see if there was any chance of the ride opening. They said no...so I still have yet to ride WindSeeker.

We were heading for Diamondback, but had to turn around and head the long way around because a marching band was coming down the walkway. We reached it, and waited 45 minutes for a ride...

#3: Diamondback

Wait: 45 Minutes (moved a bit slower than I remember...Fast Lane?)

Diamondback gave a solid ride, as usual. The ride still has the "rattle", and it still has great airtime, too. Worth the wait, for sure. Not the best ride I've ever had on DB, but still pretty darn good.

Score: 9.5/10 (better than a 9, but I can't really call this a 10/10 ride...)

After Diamondback, I wanted to ride The Beast. But wait...The Beast was closed ? And blocked off by a mobile gift shop! :( I wondered what was wrong, this is my favorite ride here...well, we headed for Vortex instead. The wait looked long and some were saying "IT'S A 2 HOUR LINE!!!"...

#4: Vortex

Wait: 20 Minutes (2 Hours? HAH! But...also a bit slower...)

Well, Vortex wasn't 100% today- even from 5-1. Rougher than normal, no airtime (unusual for 5-1), and the "hang time" on the loops and inversions wasn't as strong. My sister and her boyfriend were in the back and got the tar beat out of them! (I explained that 5-1 was good, 5-2 was not, afterwords...) The ride still had some fun value, however, thanks to its intensity.

(Note: Read another trip report that stated Vortex was running great...huh, guess rides really can differ a lot, even in the same day...)

Score: 8/10

After Vortex, we were hungry and headed out to our car for some food we had brought. After that, we headed in and decided to head for a ride I had never ridden...until now...prepare yourself for...


Wait: 5 Minutes (This ride has ultra capacity!)


Well, this ride is actually far less intense than I expected it to be...I also saw how it works- 2 huge truck tires are spinning below the "boat", and move it back and forth. A fun ride- best in the park, though? Well...maybe if you have kids...

Score: 7/10

On the way to VF, we got a phone call from Sister's Friend and learned that Beast was doing test runs and could re-open. Yay! But since it was still testing, we decided to kill some time and ride...


Wait: 10 Minutes (loading/unloading a bit slow, but much faster than the now-defunct Midnight Ride at HW)

Monster seems to be more "spinny" this season than in years past! And that means more fun. With these spider rides getting rarer and rarer, this is a very good thing indeed.

Score: 8/10

After Monster, we re-united with the entire group and headed for The Beast.

#7: The Beast

Wait: 60 Minutes

The line was claimed to be 60 minutes, but it looked longer...until all of a sudden it moved SUPER FAST as more q-lines opened up. Then it slowed down..and sped up...and slowed down...what was doing this? Then I got up near the front and saw what it was...Fast Lane users were sometimes taking up nearly whole trains as they showed up as the ride was loading, and when they didn't, things moved much faster. This ride, by far, had the most FL users of the day- it wasn't a crazy amount, but there did seem to be a steady flow of at least 1 FL user/group per train. After 60 minutes (the wait time at the front was correct- but in the past this was only a 45 minute wait), we got on...

As usual, Beast was relentless wooden fury. Few things are more fun at Kings Island than racing at nearly 65mph through the woods at high speeds, followed by a savage and super-intense double helix finale. The laterals I noticed in 2011 were gone, however...not a 10/10 ride (I've had plenty of those on this ride though), but still very good, even by Beast standards. I also found out why the ride was closed- there was a section of track on the second lift where you could CLEARLY see a good 3-5 foot new piece of track that had just been placed on the right side.

Score: 9.5/10

After Beast, we walked over the Coney Mall, where my sister's friend's boyfriend played 3-point challenge and lost. I never rode them, but I'd still rather have Flying Eagles here over this game. We headed down for Action Zone, and got on Adventure Express on the way...and tried to convince BF's Boyfriend's Brother to ride it, with 0 success.

#8: Adventure Express

Wait: 15 Minutes

Very few people using Fast Lane here, but one group who did said "We aren't cutting!". Someone else said "YES YOU ARE!". We boarded and rode AE in the back.

Adventure Express is actually BETTER in the back, too! It's still smooth, more intense, and you get a better view of some of the scenery/theming because the train slows down for the lift hills. Great ride. I also made a note to "check" the condition of Son of Beast during this ride, more on that later.

Score: 8/10

After AE, we headed for Delirium, but it was closed temporarily. Drop Tower had also been closed all day, and Invertigo was sure to have a long line. No one wanted to get wet on Congo Falls. So, what ride do we ride here...you can't guess?


Wait: 20 Minutes

Wow, a wait for Flight Deck...good sign :P ? The ride itself was pretty good, but there were some rough spots. The ride still looks pretty nice with its semi-new paintjob.

Score: 8/10

After Flight Deck, half our group (Sister's Friend, Sister's Friend's Boyfriend, and his Bro) wanted to leave early. That left me, my sis, and her boyfriend. We headed for Delirium, waited an hour, and the ride broke down. Grr...after that ordeal, we headed for some lunch. I decided to try the "famous" Potato Works fries with Chicken Bites. The fries were nothing to write home about, but the chicken bites were great. How did these fries get so darn famous, anyhow...

Sister's Boyfriend had a burger & fries from Juke Box Diner, and my sister got a plate of Panda Express at Festhaus. After that, we headed to Flight of Fear as my sister wanted to ride it really badly...but first, the SOB Analysis:


Son of Beast isn't about to collapse. The supports seemed fine, but there was one area that didn't look ok- some of the track itself, at the top of the 2nd lift hill, some of the track and "hand rail" bars were in horrible condition and falling apart. However, another KIC user says they met Matt Ouimet and that he stated the ride is being removed...hmm...

#10: Flight of Fear

Wait: 60 Minutes (should have ridden earlier... <_< )

The line moved a bit slower than usual, and I was afraid this might be the last ride we got on. By this point, I was a bit irked by Fast Lane, but as I moved deeper into FOF, I saw the good sign of Fast Lane...what it could be PAYING FOR. Flight of Fear's theming was 100% working, with a few new additions as well. Some noteables:

-The ride had new indoor lightining in the line, which is cool.

-The UFO's special effects were all working.

-The area right before the "launch" area seems rennovated, as I remember it being a bland tunnel. Now, it has a "image" of the solar system in there.

-The "tunnel" between the launch area and main section of the ride has cool, "starry" lights in it now.

-The ride's exit now has a LONG tunnel you walk through...

Wow, Fast Lane sure is buying stuff...also, Adventure Express's theming was also working 100%. As for Flight of Fear itself, it was its usual self, but...rough again (did this in 2010 to me as well). Ow Ow Ow. Still an epic, fun ride.

Score: 9.5/10 (will anything get a 10?)

When I entered FOF, it was yet to be dark...it was night when we exited. We debated on what to ride at night, as I expected Beast's line to be closed early due to how long it probably was. We headed that way as my sister suggested Diamondback as a possible night ride, but Beast was still open, so we entered the line for it. The ride shut down for the Fireworks, and we got a great view of them from within the q-line. Afterwords, the line "closed" and no new riders were allowed in- which meant no more Fast Lane users!

#11: The Beast

Wait: 90 Minutes (Beast+Night=Popular, but it moved much faster this time too)

The Full Moon loomed over the woods. The train turned the corner, and headed for the lift hill, the moon nearly directly above it. "Zen ride?" I thought. Well...not quite, but still epic.

The ride was fast, relentless, and even though not 100% dark outside due to the moon, it still felt eerie being in the woods at night, and the tunnels were pitch black. It really felt as though a wild Beast was chasing us, and when we nearly escaped him and tried to return to KI, he caught us and we went for a double helix! Why don't more rides have "stories" behind them like this...A wild ride to end a wild day. Beast night rides are awesome!

Score: 10.5/10 (At last! And it was better than a 10/10... ^_^ )

After Beast, we had to leave the park and head for home. This trip report comes to an end, but first, the usual "Pros" and "Cons"...


+Fun rides. Some were better than usual. Others not. I wasn't blown too far away by many, but that's probably because I have become used to KI's rides by now...hmm, time to visit other parks and try new ones...

+Rides are upkept well. Flight of Fear and Adventure Express were both 100% today, as far as theming working goes.

+Tasty chicken bites...the fries were ok, but not that good.

+Beast staying open for a whole hour after the park was closed. Making up for the ride being down earlier, perhaps?


-Lines were not moving as fast as I recall. Could have been due to Fast Lane, but not too many were using the passes...

-Broken rides. Beast was down half the day. Drop Tower and WindSeeker never opened. Delirium broke down several times. Son of Beast is still SBNO. I'm a little irked that so many rides were closed down today...

-Huge crowds. Not the park's fault, but it still sucked. No more "Music in the Parks" days for us!

-Dirty tables in lots of places. Eww. Not the clean Kings Island I was used to...

I hope you enjoyed this trip report. I had fun on this day, in spite of some issues that plauged the day. What's next for McSalsa? Well, my Grandma wants to visit Holiday World for a family trip...been there before, that should be fun. Well then...MCSALSA AWAY!!!

PS: Questions and comments welcome.

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About Vortex(I assumed you read my TR):

I thought it was a little rough, as it always is, coming out of the loops. Other than that, it was great.

Or maybe I'm just saying that because Vortex is my favorite ride at KI, and I'm a little biased. :)

Great TR! What time were you on Vortex? We might have been on the same train.

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Great report!

-Fast Lane reduces ride capacity. Some rides are affected more than others. It's not as bad as some have said, but it's still an issue.

As has been said in the Fast Lane thread, FL does not affect wait times unless someone rides multiple times during your wait because the FL users would otherwise be in the standby line with you. What it does do is change the timepoints (i.e. X minutes from this spot) that we've all become so used to. You need to throw out your preconceived notions in that regard.

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good TR, he didnt say he was to demolish, just do something about it from what i thought, who knows...

You may wish to go back and re-read.

...replace....there just isn't anything we can do with it....

But the poster also said he could not remember the exact quote.


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OK, some notes:

-I am pretty sure I rode Vortex between noon and 1PM.

-On Viking Fury, we did ride a bit close to the middle. My sister's boyfriend picked the seat. Perhaps he was afraid... :P I still enjoyed the ride.

-I am not sure if it was Fast Lane slowing down the lines, but while in line for Beast, several would show up at once and take a good number of seats. The ride would take a bit longer to dispatch, and more would show up and there goes a whole train. Happened more than once. The ride ops also, for some reason, only let the line move oh-so-often (but were doing a much better job by nightfall, apparently). Looking back, Fast Lane may not have had as big an impact as I thought then now that I think about it...I didn't see any re-riders, and only saw maybe 50 people using the passes in total, even though it was very crowded...if it was not Fast Lane, then something else was slowing down the lines, but what? Slow ride ops? If so, they need to speed things up...

-I cannot confirm the SOB is doomed rumor as I did not meet Matt Ouimet. I wish I had known he was there- I would have looked for him, and if I saw him, talked with him...but yes, parts of the ride (not the structure, just the track) did look like they would need SERIOUS work if the ride were to over operate again. And by now, I'm losing hope for SOB...

-Cannot believe I forgot this: On Adventure Express, my sister's friend did a "bang drums" motion when we entered the finale. By the end, the entire train was doing it. :P

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For terps name's sake I will interpret what I said. They could fix it per say, now that would be throwing money in a bucket. So they may just take the structure down, and build another wooden roller coaster with some of the old materials. Now they may destroy it, for a steel coaster or another type of coaster. We do not know for sure, but guesses maybe made.

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Be careful who you include in your we. You'd be amazed who all posts (and reads) here. I know for a fact that the CEO of a major chain receives executive summaries of the posts here daily, and has altered operations at that company based in no small part to data/info first seen here.

Assume the walls have ears. Social media is important, yes, but sometimes the Big Birds frequent other places.

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