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Disney tickets now have a Magic Kingdom premium

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Some outside experts say the shift in price was long overdue. One likened Disney's previous policy to charging the same for a Cadillac as for a Buick.


It comes down to supply & demand as well as cheapening up the other parks to disperse the crowds up between the 3 other main parks.

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Airlines and hotels have been doing similar pricing strategies for years...it's called yield management. I wouldn't be surprised if Disney takes it a step further in the future...charging more for busier times of the year (Christmas, Spring Break), or even for certain days of the week.

Did anyone see the panel discussion that Steven Spielberg and George Lucas did last week where they predicted a similar strategy change in movie ticket pricing? Where a big "tent pole" movie like "Man of Steel" or "The Avengers" would be priced differently than an art house-type film?

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