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The music of Skeleton Crew


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Since there was some discussion of the music used in Cirque Imagine earlier this summer, I thought I'd share what Skeleton Crew songs I've been able to identify using the Shazam app on my phone. All of the songs listed here are available on iTunes, so if you're interested in owning them, you can find them there. If the song has a link, it will take you to YouTube. So, without further adieu:

Before the show:

  • Carmina Burana (O Fortuna) - Maxime Rodriguez (Album name: Symphonie Sur Glace)
(This one comes across as "Cours D'amours: O Fortuna - Orchestre Philharmonique de Sofia et Georgi Robev et Choeur National[...]" in Shazam but redirects to the Maxime Rodriguez song in iTunes, which seems to be correct. Take this info with a grain of salt.)
Beginning of show/acrobatics on hanging ropes: The fire baton/triangle act (which always makes me wince--I'd be too afraid I'd burn myself!):
Teardown of the tower stacking act:
  • Unholy Spirits - Kevin Michael Manthei
The skeletons:
Final bows:
  • Ultraviolence - Cliff Lin (see earlier link)

I do not have all the pre-show music identified, nor do I have the roue Cyr act or tower stacking act music identified. I have a feeling the roue Cyr & tower stacking music is custom.

So enjoy! If you happen to identify any other songs not listed here, let me know, and I'll add them to this post.

Disclaimer: If having this information available publicly is not okay with the park or the production company, please don't hesitate to remove this topic. I'm not trying to get anyone in trouble. I am posting this with the understanding that, since Skeleton Crew's pre-show announcement does not ban the use of electronics as a whole the way that Cirque Imagine's did, my use of the Shazam app on my phone to get the music information shown here does not conflict with the interests of Kings Island, Cedar Fair, or Les Productions Haut-Vol. Again, if anyone would not like this information posted, please don't hesitate to speak up and/or remove it.

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The tower stacking music draws heavily from the music played during Cirque's teeter totter act. The rhythm is the same although I am fairly sure the Cirque version wasn't as intense/dark/dirty sounding. So, yeah, I'm thinking custom too.

"The fire baton/triangle act (which always makes me wince--I'd be too afraid I'd burn myself!)"

During one of the shows I saw last week, he dropped the baton just as he was on his back twirling it around his leg. The flame landed directly in a tender spot and it stayed there long enough before he grabbed it that I became worried. Fortunately he wears fireproof clothes, and he didn't appear to have gotten burnt.

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^ Yeah, the baton slid to one end on Friday (or last Sunday--can't remember) when he was spinning it around his neck. The fire end was on his neck when he was meant to be taking the baton off his shoulder. He grimaced but passed it off as smiling. I totally couldn't have been that subtle about it, but he's obviously been doing that for quite some time.

Between Cirque and Skeleton Key, my curiosity about next year's Cirque sequel is very high. I'm wondering what else there could be for them to do. Of course, I'm sure they're going to knock it out of the park with something that none of us are expecting.

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