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PKI 7-20


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My mom wanted out of the house so she made me get up out of bed. She out of the blue decided to goto Kings Island. She has a season pass but Never uses it.

Last time we were here she got her pass done and left That was the day goldpass ended. Last time she actually walked around was 1975.

We arrived around 6:30 and started out in Action Zone. She said rides were too intense she didn't wanna ride em. We walked all the way to Rivertown before she said "Patrick Lets go ride White Water canyon". I warned my mom that its quite a walk and she has a problems with feeling in her legs. I urged her to get a disabled handbook thingy so she wouldn't have to navigate the stairs. She said she was already there and just walked it slowly. This started to look like a VERY BAD IDEA but she made it. We got right on no wait. She had ofcouse never ridden this ride. I warned her. My mom hates big rides but she loved the ride. We were both drenched. We got stopped in by the gate at tower 1 cause we were going pretty dang fast.

Needless to say she loved the ride she wanted to reride but didn't wanna navigate the stairs again. We went to the train station. She had only seen water works from the employee lot. The guy doing speeches on the train was very VERY energtic and was fun. Plus we saw 2 groundhogs and they are just cool!

After that was over we went though Nick Central and HB. We were going to ride Scooby but she said lets go(she was having problems walking)We went the long way around International street. She started feeling better. She asked if the tower was open. I warned her that they dont use 2 sections and you have to be at the top. She was scared but okay with it. I applaud it cause she HATES heights. She got a lovely view asking me "Patrick whats that?" as my knowlage of PKI came into handy. She said she wants to vist waterworks next time she comes. We then got off. She was feeling okay. She asked me to show her the flyers.

Well I showed her. Wasnt a great ride but I was the only one getting trees. She yelled at me for a few mins about how I am gonna kill myself Then she asked how I did it and she wants to try to ride it the next time we come. She wanted to see SB3d but she decided not to. We were on the way back up international when she asked if there was a place to get food as her blood sugar was dropping. Luckly we were right near the Mainderin Place. She satdown I got the grub. Very reasonably priced and after the meal said it was time to go home as she was getting sicker. Luckly we have a handicap plaqer and we were able to get a close space so we were out very soon.

Total time in park 2 hours.

She was happy she got out and kept saying sorry for leaving so early. I didn't care. This was my 20th trip this year and it was special cause she came with me. Not so much as I am a mommas boy as 9/10 of the time shes too sick to do much else but work and sleep. While not the action thrilled advenure I usually have it was pleasing non the less. It was special for me so hey biggrin.gif

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I was at the park with my mom awhile back, and my two cousins and I rode the Eagles while my mom and aunt waited and watched. I snap like crazy (as always) and I get off and she says, "You must be my son, because I used to do that exact same thing when I was younger." Like mother, like son.

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KI with the parents is my favorite. My dad came up once with me and we rode everything.....and he showed me something that I never knew about the park. and never will forget.

Care to share or do you like keeping us all guessing?

And yeah, I also love going to the park with the parents. Last summer we all rode The Beast and my mom kept reminiscing about how she rode it before I was born in 1981. It's just kinda cool to see your parents act like children every now and then.


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