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Mobile site won't let me edit/type further?

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Every once in a while when posting from my phone (HTC One M9, Android 6.0) on the mobile version of these forums (NOT Tapatalk), I will reach a point where typing letters on my phone's keyboard will not create text in the text box. My keyboard will act like all is well and offer auto-corrections, but nothing will show up in the text box except an occasional punctuation mark. If I press backspace, it will act like I'm deleting text, even though the cursor isn't moving. Regardless of what state I leave the post in, the only text that will show up in the post when I hit submit is whatever I could get to show up in the text box. I can delete the text that properly appeared and retype anything I like in its place, but once I hit whatever character limit it is that causes this glitch, I can't get anything to show up besides the occasional period.

I've tried using a different forum skin, and nothing changes. If I try to edit, it will act no differently. For now, I've downloaded Tapatalk.

Has anyone else experienced this, or is my phone just going crazy?

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The glitches are due to the version of the IPB forum software we're using (version 3). When we upgrade (back) to version 4, the non-Tapatalk mobile interface will be much better. I haven't found the issues to be too annoying; zooming in & out fixes mobile input issues for me.


If CKEditor (rich text editor with formatting buttons) is enabled on the forum in your mobile browser, press the BBCode button (light switch) to change to plain text input. On Android, you might try using Mobile Firefox instead of the default Chrome browser.

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