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Ren and Stimpy towel from 1997?


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Anyone know where I could find something like this? I tried ebay but I couldn't find anything. I tried looking up Kings Island Nickelodeon towel and all kinds of different combinations, but I got nothing.

I had one for years, but for some reason my mom decided to use it to wipe paint thinner and then throw it out. Pretty unhappy right now.

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It was mostly white and it said Kings Island on the top.  Then it had the title Ren and Stimpy on it I believe (I don't have it now so I can't take a picture of it unfortunately.) The font was in green. It had a picture of Ren on one side and Stimpy on the other. 

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I was going to ask my friend Stephen Worth of Animation Resources, until I saw the post with the "Kings Island" across the top of it.

He works with Kricfalusi, if anyone knew about a stash of Ren and Stimpy towels, it would be him.

(My mother threw away my Ren and Stimpy stuffed dolls- worth a lot, today.)


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