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Coaster Crew's Battle for Metropolis at Six Flags Great Adventure

Creed Bratton

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Join Coaster Crew for the Battle for Metropolis event on Saturday July 29th! The event features:

First rides of the day on Battle for Metropolis
Afternoon coaster tours
Meal at Camp Adventura all you can eat!
VIP access to Safari Off Road Adventure
Games and Prizes
Official Coaster Crew Lanyard and VIP badge
VIP Giraffe feeding
Evening ERT on Nitro!

You don't need to be a member of Coaster Crew to attend. If you are not a Coaster Crew member, on the registration page under Member # place what coaster club you are a part of. If you aren't a part of a coaster club, place trial event.

The event fee is $52 plus Admission (we have discount admission on the registration page).


We also have a follow up event at Coney Island in New York City the next day! With ERT on Cyclone first thing in the morning! A pretty great deal going on with that event as well! Check the event page for more info:


Let us know if you'll be attending that event as well!

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Sounds like a great event! I'd love to go (it's been 5 years since I was last at Great Adventure OR Coney Island--I'm due to return), but unfortunately neither time nor money are currently aligned for that.


Just one question, though: just how VIP are these giraffes...?

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