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Anybody Been To Univeral Studios Halloween Horror Nights?

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Never been to Florida at all, but every time I watch a youtube vid on their Halloween event, it is off the chain. Would love to hear your experiences or observations about Universal Studios during Halloween season or any other season. 

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I visit Universal Orlando frequently enough that I have an annual pass, but the passes are not that expensive when you consider ticket prices, and parking, two trips pay for the pass.  I also go every year for Halloween Horror Nights and have not missed a year in over a decade.  I can likely answer most questions you might have about the parks or HHN.

Halloween Horror Nights is pretty much completely unique houses and scare zones every year.  I can only think of one house which was repeated, but even that house was built from scratch the second time around.  As soon as the event ends they tear down everything and start working on the following year.  As a warning the houses are incredibly detailed but your not allowed to stop and admire the work. Because of the giant crowds they do not pulse the line but instead have to send continuous streams of people though the house in a conga line.  If you do stop, they have security personal in basically every rooms and hallway who will direct you to start moving.

If you do go to Florida to check out HHN, take a day to head out to Busch Gardens in Tampa, their Howl-o-scream event is well worth your time and you can spend the day riding some fantastic coasters and flat rides.  I recommend the VIP tour at HOS, it’s not that much extra and you get a tour guide who walks you to the front of line at all the houses.  Plus you get a plastic souvenir bottle at check in which you get several stops where they will fill it with your choice of beverage including beer.  They also provide snacks at the stops.  HOS reuses houses from year to year, they do a great job building them but as long as you go every 3 or 4 years you will see all of them likely more than once.

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HHN is def a lot of fun.  I went last year on a Thursday in late Sept, and I'd put the crowd level at about a 5.  I found that the mazes at the front of the park were better than those at the back, which were often housed in temp quonset huts.  The big haunt last year was Stranger Things, which is back this year.  It was pretty fun, as was Poltergeist, which was housed in one of the soundstages.  I wanted to get through all the mazes, so I sprung for their Express Pass, but if you arrive early enough and hit the big mazes first, you shouldn't need one on most non weekend nights.

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