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  1. As a family with 3 kiddos 2 of them smaller if most of planet snoop y is closed for an extended period of time we could be in trouble.
  2. They are shutting down quite a bit of the park to run this firework show. I think one bigger show on the weekends would be fine. In the mindset of the park right now people will still come if they dont do it so why do it?
  3. I would rather see a show under development sign out front
  4. 80% of the ride was the launch. While I'm not going to judge until I ride but this could be worse than when Son of Beast lost its loop
  5. I heard lots of these were not working a few minutes after purchase.
  6. At Disney your lucky if they check your restraint it seems like. Tower of Terror you raise your hands and they just do a visual check.
  7. Maybe just maybe the in this competitive business the park is in they should look in the mirror and figure out why they need to cut these days and do something about it. Yes it could be outside factors like the economy but there is still ways to make your park thrive and stand out and earn those travel dollars.
  8. This doesn't affect us much as we typically only visit the park on weekends but man it feels bad that we are paying more for less.
  9. Not sure how this is a Monoply? There are still plenty of other parks to take your business to. Dollywood and Busch Gardens come to mind
  10. Be nice if they added the water feature back to Back Lot. That looks so horrible.
  11. That is awesome. I recall years ago there was more to it in the survey.
  12. Would love to see that concept art.
  13. I dont see why they can't store the floats for an hour two elsewhere and put them away after the park closes.
  14. Saw this on YouTube today! Just thinking I would share with everyone here.
  15. Personally, I would to overhaul it with a bull dozer. I know its not realistic
  16. Yeah I was thinking once Vortex replacement was announced it maybe on the way out the door. The park is aging and their is at least one other coaster that may get the axe I feel
  17. It seems like invertago has been down for at least the past month or more. Once Vortex replacement is underway I say it's time to get out the demo team.
  18. I would love see a Virtual Queuing and getting rid of fast passes. If your not standing in queue your spending money the midways. Also shade shade shade! Nothing worse than getting pelted with the say on a 95 degree day.
  19. I have been noticing this more as of late! Racer only running side, Bat and Adventure Express were both running one train only as well. And every time I go to ride The Beast it has been down. These has not been a great year for the park.
  20. We recently went to Cedar Point and Huego's is amazing! The pizza was so good! Kings Island needs to kick out LaRosas/
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