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  1. First both parks are very good, either one would be a good choice, so don’t think that there is a wrong choice. The thing about Kings Dominion is it’s easy to add on more parks. Carowinds is basically on its own, sure you can likely hit Camden park on the way, but that is basically your only easy choice. You mentioned spending two days and my first thought is one day at Kings Dominion and one day at Busch Gardens Williamsburg which is just over an hour drive from KD. Having said that individually, I prefer Carowinds, and if you’re going to spend two days at a single park and those are the choices, I would spend it at Carowinds. Although I do recommend breaking up the drive with a short visit to Camden park, it’s small, only has 3 coasters, but it’s an experience.
  2. The rumor about the wheels that I have seen was not issues with the lining wearing down and the hubs being sent out too often but that the wheel itself, the actual metal had a crack form. Which could if not caught and it progresses might lead to a wheel essentially exploding, throwing shrapnel off the vehicle at high speeds. The speculation is that the road wheels need redesigned to better handle the stresses the ride is exerting. Maybe they found some manufacturing defect in the wheel, that makes them more confident in the other wheels. Maybe they examined the other wheels and everything else looks good. Maybe they think it is safe enough until new wheels can be produced if they examine the wheels more frequently. The problem is this goes back to rumors and speculation. There is almost no chance the park will make any official statement except to say the ride is operational or not. Most likely the ride will just suddenly reopen with no signs of what changed.
  3. As far as I know all Coke freestyle machines, new and old, use those cartridges, the different shapes of machine are just where did they hide them. At Kings Island the bottom half of the machine is a door and they are all located down there. The secret to the whole system is the sweetener is separate. The calorie free sweetener is located inside the machine down near the bottom typically, and the High fructose corn syrup is a traditional bib located in the back room. The machines might appear to be free standing except for the water, power, CO2, but in reality they still have one traditional bib not in the machine.
  4. I don’t really trust Screamscape. This might be true or it’s complete garbage. That they are throwing dates out but unwilling to discus the actual problem is weird, if anything it should be the other way around. I will say this, the rumor I have heard is the train is rubbing the LSM stators. I have also seen pictures of the stators with tape on them and dates stating when it was taped. Which suggests to me they are looking for evidence that the train is striking the stators. They are not cheap and the train should never touch them. No clue if it’s an alignment issue or a problem with the train moving around too much. That’s my best guess as to what’s going on. Might be totally wrong, and maybe even there is more than one problem. Not going to try to claim when it might reopen, who knows.
  5. I wonder if it has something to do with camp Snoopy. The construction appears to be finishing up and there was the ad saying it’s opening the 25th. Typically camp Snoopy at other parks has included water features of some kind, and I was surprised to not see any, maybe it’s going in tower gardens instead. Rock work of some kind? Maybe a company working on Camp Snoopy that could be also doing a project in tower gardens? ACE is at the park this weekend… could they be presenting a new plaque? The park might be setting up for it in advance to be unveiled this weekend? A paver or sign with details on the 2024 season is being installed that includes something not announced yet? Replacing broken pavers and installing the 2024 stone and just trying to draw attention to it?
  6. I have wanted another Coke freestyle location, hopefully with more than 3 machines for some time now. When people mentioned the permit, and I saw the price tag, $354k, if I remember right, I was pretty confident it was more than just some water misters. But it does seem like there is a lot of drainage for a some drink and icee machines. The park needs more freestyle machines and more icee machines. This feels like a good start but I hope we see more in the future.
  7. Not that I am aware of, the first perks I saw for Kings Island were for visits in May.
  8. No one should have received perks in 2024 yet. Your visits in May count towards a total and then you receive the perks for use in June. Here is a quote from the Kings Island website. Also you don’t get all of the perks, you get one perk unless you have prestige then you get two, one regular and one enhanced.
  9. The lounges were built to a budget not a quality level. The parks with nicer lounges reused existing infrastructure. Just renovating an existing building is a lot cheaper than building something from scratch.
  10. The wait time posted in the park was 4 hours. I do not know anyone who waited through it so no clue what the real wait was.
  11. You’re right, but the amount of work needed in Action Zone is exactly why I would not touch it for now. You can’t just drop a new ride and call it a day. Decisions about the theme of the land, the remaining life span of the majority of the attractions, even the appearance of the entrance of the park, have to be made. The problem is these kinds of decisions are likely exactly what Planning and Design does not want to do right before a merger. There is a reason discussions about Action Zone and being rethemed to DC Comics keep occurring. Want to work on a project that has a chance of happening if the merger goes through? Vortex replacement or Tomb Raider replacement. Neither one is as badly needed, but frankly if they do a grand redesign for Action Zone it’s extremely unlikely it would ever be built.
  12. The USA Today 10 best lists are a terrible listing of the 10 best anything. They are little more than a popularly contest and really just show how fanatical the fans are. But that’s the problem, Kings Island has almost always over performed, because of the parks huge fan base. Kings Island placed first for the best Halloween event at a theme park a few years ago beating Universal, Busch Gardens and a lot of frankly better events due to the strength of its fan base. A fan base who seems not willing to go vote for the park like they did only a few years ago.
  13. Reusing existing infrastructure is why the lounges at Knott’s and Kings Dominion are so nice. When all they need to do is renovate the park ends up with a better lounge. This makes perfect sense as a replacement for the tent. It’s indoors, already has restrooms, air conditioning, food and beverage service, and is in a central location. If I remember right Knott’s reused a room that was used for overflow seating at a restaurant. Kings Dominion might have been an old restaurant?
  14. This information is still available on the website. You need to have an account with your passes linked to it. It displays the total number of visits and a list of the dates and what park it was used at.
  15. After it was announced that Steel Curtain would stay closed all year, I saw claims that the park was careful to not use it in any of the 2024 advertising. Supposedly no one has even seen it in the background of a picture of something else. I went back and looked at marketing emails and could not find any that advertised Steel Curtain, but since those emails likely only contain a link to an image instead of embedding them, in theory the park could swap the images. If true, it would seem to suggest that they had a pretty good idea last year it would be closed.
  16. To give you an idea on costs, the wristbands that Cedar Fair currently uses are around 4 to 5 cents each. The cheapest RFID wristband I have heard of in bulk is just over 50 cents each. I could see the chain trying them at one or maybe two parks to test them, the extra cost could be worth it if it makes a big difference in scan time or reliability. But I would not expect to see widespread adoption without testing to prove its worth first.
  17. Last fall the parks were pushing digital only season passes with no plastic card, so in theory new pass holders could easily only have a copy on their cell phone, a cell phone you can’t bring in line. I don’t have a plastic card since I got a new pass instead of renewing for instance. A prestige pass holder will use their annual pass, in this case a cell phone, to get the free Fast Lane this year with a scanner at the start of the line and at the station. They want to do away with the receipts likely to prevent people from giving them away. Will Cedar Point have to provide those guests plastic cards, and will issuing them cards change their home park? Or will Cedar Point provide Fast Lane passes allowing guests to give away the single use Fast Lane?
  18. Except this was not a loose item that made it onto the train, it was thrown from the line. There is little parks can do except make ride paths not come close to guests to protect riders from people not even on the ride. Those packets of hot sauce were thrown at the ride vehicle, and likely would have done very little if they had made it onboard and just fallen from someone’s pocket. While goggles might have helped in this one instance, loose phones and other large objects coming loose at 100+ MPH or 400+ feet in the air are a larger concern. Here is a guest who received a concussion last year on Maverick. Left partially blinded by cell phone on El Toro. Broken nose and left a bloody mess from a cell phone on Iron Gwazi There are a lot of instances of cell phones causing injuries.
  19. I have no idea how the need for in line lockers was not obvious early in the design process? Based on the design of the attraction, its speed, and that the train is passing in such close proximity to the queue, walking paths, and over Iron Dragon, loose articles seem like an obvious problem. Maybe it’s just me but I just looked at the design and assumed the ride would have metal detectors. Does anyone know what the building at the start of the unload platform is/was? I realized the only way I can imagine this working is building a path or more than one depending if the lockers are in the infield or not, under the return track. Which also means it would need to be far enough back that the track is high enough in the air. I think it should work, but without seeing the finished ride, maybe not.
  20. This is effectively a type of loan. Six Flags will sell $850 million dollars of IOU’s that it will have to pay back in 2032 along with interest. This is normal and they get issued regularly. It even states that it will be used to pay back a note due in 2025.
  21. I have wondered how T3 would be with the new trains from Vekoma that have vest restraints. Good SLC coasters do exist, Thunderhawk at Michigans Adventure for instance. But the vest restraints are very comfortable, go ride the Great Nor’Easter at Morey’s Piers. The only SLC I got in line for over and over again, I lost count of how many times I rode it, it’s really good. The vests combined with the track work produced an incredibly smooth ride. Made me realize it is not really the layout that is the problem with SLC coasters.
  22. This sounds like the same policy that was in place on Steel Vengeance before the in line lockers were built. It was a mess, people don’t want to pay for lockers and frankly it effectively makes the ride a pay to ride attraction. I have seen some claims that the ride will have free lockers similar to Universal, but I do not believe this. I have no idea where people got this idea, because I have not seen anything to support it. Having a bunch of free lockers outside the queue will promote people trying to abuse them instead of paying for lockers in other areas. While I do believe the park should offer free lockers at rides I just do not expect to see this change. The issue with Steel Vengeance style lockers is where could they be built? You need a location where you can get back to the queue from the exit, and the launch track is in the way.
  23. The topiaries are real. The shapes are done using a steel wire mesh frame. Then that is filled with Sphagnum moss, which is what gives them their name, Sphagnum Topiary. That moss acts like soil and is how the plants grow. The color and texture is done by growing specific plants in different areas. Part of the reason the Disney ones look so good is they have a full team who takes care of them and touches them up and trims them if needed every night. Because of how they are made they can just be picked up and moved around. That allows them to grow them in greenhouses then just move them out for the festival.
  24. Several restaurants at Kings Island did do this last year by having monthly specials. They were extras instead of replacing something on the regular menu. They also did not appear on the menu boards but were instead on little signs in the restaurant, Brewhouse for instance had different specials most months. The park NEEDS to do a better job at communicating these kinds of things. Maybe something in the app or a monthly post on the blog, but it needs to be communicated somehow. Here are the specials from July at the Brewhouse. If you check the thread from last year I know people were randomly posting the specials.
  25. Grain and Grill had a massive problem last year with the meats being dry by the time they were served to guests. It makes little difference how good they start if they are dry and tough when served. Is it being over cooked, or held in the warmer too long I have no idea. Cedar Points food has finally been improving the last few years and over the same period Kings Islands has definitely gotten worse. Having been to almost all of the parks in the chain in the last two years except for the two California parks. I would rank Kings Island ahead of all the smaller parks in the chain but easily dead last among the larger parks. Cedar Point, Kings Dominion, Carowinds, and Canadas Wonderland all had better food and often more choice. I want to see more food options around the park but would likely be happier if they worked on quality and consistency.
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